Monday, April 17, 2006

A stitching update!

Firstly, a purple blob ... which has take a long time to stitch! I suppose this is my first official HAED ... funny enough called a "Quick Stitch" and I believed it! LOL ... I, in mny usual silly optimistic way, did think it would stitch up a lot faster ... I thought it would be a good Easter project.

This is on 32ct - I started Faery Tales on 25ct and decided I didn't like that - and this would be a good practice on a different fabric, I'm thinking that 28ct is probably the perfect balance, I'll try my next one on that before starting my life time project (Faery Tales). I've got into the rhythm of stitching 10x10 blocks - I've tried going right across, I've tried 20x20 blocks ... but the 10x10 really does work well - I still don't like that you can see the block - but I try to make sure a few stitches finish off over the 10, so it's not so obvious. I think I'm getting faster now I'm getting into a better rhythm as well.

Next up is our NZ SAL ornament - we've picked out 12? or maybe 10, one for each month and we have turns kitting up the speciality threads and passing them on to all of us - a bit like the ornament RR's, except we've got it all pre-piced out for the year. We stitch them at the beginning of each month. I stitched this at work on Thursday night - I didn't have a beading needle, so need to put the last few beads on that wouldn't fit through my petite needle, and pick up some extra sparkly threads that I ran out of from Kath - it was quick, fun stitch!

In case you haven't noticed, I've completely blown my rotation this month - I'm kinda hoping I'll still reach the goals ... but I'm having fun just stitching :)

and in life beyond stitching ... we have the Royal visit tomorrow - otherwise known as the in-laws visiting - I haven't seen them for 18mths or so ... the kids haven't seen them for over a year (and in 4yo innocence I heard Charlotte say to Rhiannon this morning "I don't really know those ones") ... there's been some issues (they only live 45min drive away), which I don't think will ever be worked through, but we're being polite. David asked what he should ask her to bring (meaning to help with lunch) ... I told him her positive attitude would be good, if she can find it - which basically sums it up - she is the most negative, bitter person I have met - a very small part of me feels sorry for her - the other part can't be bothered, especially when I know that she is very negative, bitter and plain backstabbing about us. But you've got to do what you've got to do ... I'm sure we will survive! So, anyway, today is tidying and making the house look sparkly for her ;)

So far my Easter weekend has been very productive - I've made 3 leotards (2 pink ones with skirts - one for Charlotte and one for a friend to give to her niece as a birthday gift and one plain black one for Rhiannon to train in), two pairs of bike pants (to go with Rhiannon's leotard) and a poncho. Today I'd like to maybe make a couple of bags as little girl gifts - we'll see though, I might be all sewn out, plus I need to do the house work thing, and get ready for soccer meeting tomorrow night.

Hope you are all having a lovely Easter :)


AnneS said...

Your Love ornie is looking beautiful - I absolutely adored stitching mine, very fun :) Hang in there with the negativity - it's only a day right? I know what you mean, though ... when I moved out I decided one of my Mum's 'friends' wasn't welcome in my home - for that same reason ... she puts everyone down all the time and is extremely 'superior'. Mum says she's like that with everyone, but I can't be bothered with it. She's the daughter of our old neighbour (who unfortunately passed away last month), and that's the only link - she lives here in Melbourne, though, but I just give her a really wide berth. Mum's been told not to give her my phone number or there will be consequences haha. You just don't need such negativity all the time - life is supposed to be fun! Hope it all goes smoothly, and easily, for you :D

Lana said...

I love the colors in both these pieces! The ornament looks great and Keep it up with the "quick stitch" you'll get there!

Kath said...

I will get mnore threads to you, just underestimated how much on those two!! Sorry. Will add more for Pat and Katrina too.

Thinking of you with your Royal visit, and heck, I know what you are talking about. Look forward to hearing about it.

OK, off to work for me,.... have a great day at home with the kids while it is raining. I wish I were home today and it is the Rolling Stones tonight.

Margaret said...

Great blob. And that's a lovely ornament. Hope you survived the visitation.

Von said...

I hope the Royal visit went well today. It's hard for me to understand a grandparent living that close to the kidlets and not being a part of their lives. I feel so fortunate to have my two grandsons living nearby and getting to babysit a couple of times a week! But in your inlaws case, it seems to be a good thing that they keep a distance.
Love your "Love" ornament. :D

Gill said...

'Quick Stitch' is a little misleading, isn't it? LOL I suppose everything's relative though ;) You've made good progress anyway.

Lelia said...

Called "quick stitch"? LOL It is pretty, though. NIce ornament SAL.

Now that the royal visit is over -- maybe you won't have to face the bitterness for another 18 months.

Enjoy the day