Sunday, April 02, 2006

Catching up

I can't believe it's nearly been another week! I've had a hellishly busy week this week, I'm usually pretty mild and placid, but I sent a couple of grouchy emails to people, and was particularly grouchy to the bar manager of the club yesterday (after urgently needing some cash on Thursday night and ringing me about it Thursday morning, then as I dropped it off to him, telling me he needed another cheque by the next day ... which I did organise then rushed off to work and forgot about - so he was ringing at 7.30am yesterday asking about it - and grumpy with me because I hadn't got it to him ... hello? maybe he should have come and collected it off me ... last straw really!).

Anyway - that's boring stuff! ... stitching updates are so much more exciting :) I've had a bit of can't settle week - directly related to being stressed and having too much to do no doubt! I did do a bit on Celtic Summer - I just have the last of the right-hand border to do and the beads - she's nearly there!

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I also started a needlebook/pouch thingee - can't remember the name of it ... but got bored of it after one night, I will get back to it - probably when I'm in a better mood ;)

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and then on Friday when I needed to quickly grab something to start at work ... and couldn't be bothered with my usual WIP's - I started DT's Love and Wisdom. I'm going to sell this on ebay - but with a twist ... I'm doing it in silks and on linen and am going to try to get a really good sale for it - if I don't I'll keep it. DH and I celebrate 20yrs since our first date next month and I really really want us to go away for a weekend (we both need it!) - we can't afford it, so I want this to sell for enough to pay or accommodation ... if it doesn't, I'll keep it as a celebration of 20yrs ... fate will decide :D (yeah - I'm slightly warped, but it keeps life interesting! LOL).

Now in even more warped me stuff ... I've worked out that there are 7 repeats on the downward border, that's one repeat per day to get it stitched in a week ... do you think I can do it?

Here it is so far -

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I've been given a great book called 1001 smiles ... I'm going to try and post a smile every day. So if I haven't got time to update my blog daily, at least I can make everyone smile ... and remind myself to.


Kath said...

Love the smiles!

Love and Wisdom.... something to be said about that after 20 years eh? Looks lovely and I hope you get what you wish for.

Understand that can't settle thing - I am there at that point too, definately stress.

Hope this week goes better for you.

KarenV said...

Love and Wisdom is looking lovely so far. You're a pretty speedy stitcher, from what I've seen, so I reckon you can do it in a week!

I'm looking forward to seeing your progress - this DT didn't appeal to me 100% but it just might once I see it stitched up ;)

Heather said...

That looks stunning. I bet you can do it in a week.

zoeandcooper said...

All your progress looks stunning. Keep up the great work!

Isabelle said...

All your progress looks great! I love Celtic Summer, I have decided she should be my next biggie! :) Yours is sure beautiful - and almost done too!