Monday, March 27, 2006

New Leotards!

Not for me, sheesh - I wish I looked that good in one though! LOL

I spent yesterday and part of today making the girls much needed new leotards - the couple I made Rhiannon a couple of years ago were getting way too small (indecently small!) ... of course Charlotte wore hers to gym today, and the coach was quick to point out (yep, she's like that - but I've got used to her) that Rhiannon shouldn't wear a skirted leotard for her gym because you can't see how flat and tight the tummy and bum is ... important when they mark them in a competition - sheesh!

Who's the model and who's the "I don't want my photo taken"?

Image Hosting by

and the upside down versions!

Image Hosting by Yeah - I missed her head - it's hard to get that timing right AND frame on a digital camera! LOL

Image Hosting by and Rhiannon being more sensible went over the grass, rather than staying on the concrete to do the upside down thing, very sensible - as a good mother, I should have thought of that when Charlotte was doing hers! Whoops!

Okay - off to bed ... I've been stitching Celtic Summer tonight and have nearly, nearly finished the main stitching on the dress - I should tomorrow, then maybe get the bottom gold edges done THEN the border ... THEN the beads ... and it will be finished! (maybe not tomorrow, or this month though ;))


Kath said...

Love the new leotards.... and look at Charlotte, butter wouldn't melt eh!!

Cute coach you have too.

StitchCat said...

Wow, great leotards. Thought I better come visit your blog...since you had been to mine :)
You have done some beautiful stiching and seem so organised. Wish I could be :)

Rowyn said...

Ohhh they are such gorgeous wee girls, and they look super in their snazzy new leotards (way to go Mum!).

Andie said...

Gosh you are SO clever! My sewing machine hates me.... every now and then I try and get near it and it starts screaming "keep away, keep away" LOL The leotards look fab! (So do the girls)

Katrina said...

Lisa, the girls look so cute, you're so clever with everything you do! Can't wait to see Celtic Summer all finished either - so what will be on the agenda next?

thanks for the offer for Tenko Club too - I actually have it as well as I'd bought both of Trademe a few weeks ago for only a couple of dollars each :) Hope you have a good day

Faith Ann said...

You are such a talented seamstress!! Those leotards look fantastic... and your girls are adorable (as usual) :)

Jenna said...

You did a wonderful job on the leotards - they are beautiful!