Monday, March 06, 2006

Very slow WIP

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Mirabilia - Deco Spirits - Fire

This is for the Mirabilia RR I'm involved in - I can't believe how long it is taking to stitch! This is after a weekend's work ... and I stitched a lot this weekend, all of Saturday evening, and then most of yesterday afternoon and all evening again. It wasn't helped by having to stitch it in-hand (I didn't crop the side so you could see how close to the edge it is) ... it started moving faster last night when I was able to put it in my smallest Q-snaps and stitch how I usually do ... in-hand wasn't so bad - just slower, which is frustrating for me!

It will look great all finished, and it IS within the size limits - so this isn't a complaint at all ... just a frustration, because I have so many other things to stitch LOL (oh, and I'm impatient ;))

I think I'll work on it in the afternoons and stick to my rotation in the evenings ... just to keep me happy.

I've had one of those wonderful mornings this morning where everything has gone right and I'm feeling very efficient - I washed the floors, dusted and hung two loads of washing out - and then caught up on Soccer minutes and the posted in registrations - so I'm all up-to-date with those too. All going well I'll catch up on cricket work tomorrow morning and maybe start tackling our very cluttered (read - dumping ground) bedroom, a job I've been "going" to do since the beginning of this year.

This afternoon it's gym for Charlotte, plus I'm looking a friends two boys - a couple of cricket training/practices after school ... and two loads of washing to take OFF the line and fold and put away.

... and Desperate Housewives and Greys Anatomy to stitch to this evening - life isn't too bad at all :)


AnneS said...

What about stitching a strip of calico or something along the side? That way you could put the Q snaps on it - then once you've finished stitching, you just remove the calico? I do that all the time with things, as I get cramp in my hands holding a hoop etc, and I can't stitch in hand to save my life - that way I can use my scroll bars for smaller projects :D

Von said...

Isn't Anne the cleverest thing!! Great idea. :D

Kath said...

I know that you are Mrs Incredible - but Mrs Efficient too!!! Wahoo!! (You can come and help me, gee, I could do with a Mrs Something (like a rocket would be good!)

Love Annes idea.... hehehe Can't wait to see this piece in the flesh actually.

See you soon, things are almost sorted in both houses now. I am starting to feel a bit better too.