Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunday Morning

Ahhhhhh ... that is a contented sigh - a Sunday with pretty much an empty day, got to enjoy the moment because the next couple of weeks will be a lot different! LOL

Cameron has gone off to run in some local race - they have it every year and we usually forget about it - but he was very keen to do it, I think they go into school groups or something, I don't really know. DH has taken him, so they can tell me all when they get home.

We've had a definite touch of winter here over the last couple of days ... all the cuddly blankets were out last night to keep everyone warm! Cricket was cancelled for the morning ... I don't think we even really ventured out of the house yesterday.

What to do with a bonus free day? After I'd tidied up my Picturetrail albums I went to work on finally making a Tote Tray Bag for Charlotte ... an idea that has been brewing for a while, I've been using a plastic shopping bag to carry her tote tray in and knew there had to be something different I could do. The tote tray is a plastic box/tray kind of thing - they put their spare clothes, lunch box etc etc in it and then it slots into ready made shelves at the kindy.

Anyway, here it is - one Tote Tray Bag ... modelled by Rhiannon because Charlotte was still asleep :)

Image Hosting by

and a close up of her name -

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and today, it's back to stitching on my Mirabilia RR, I have a feeling I was too optimistic about only allowing 3-4 days for it in my March rotation plans *sigh*.


Von said...

The tote bag for Charlotte is just adorable - great job!

Carol said...

Cute bag!!

Only 15 days until spring here :-) yay!!!!

Katrina said...

what a lovely bag Lisa, I could see my niece Zoe just loving something like it - she's just like her auntie - has a handbag/bad addiction, lol

AnneS said...

What an awesome tote bag you made for Charlotte - great job! I bet she loves it :D Isn't it awful - I've been moaning about the high temperatures, and winter is just around the corner ... will be moaning how cold it soon enough LOL.