Thursday, March 09, 2006

Anne wins the prize!

For most useful hint :) ... Thanks Anne - sorry, no prize - but I'll definitely think about tacking a piece of muslin or something to the side of that piece so I can keep it in the Q-Snaps.

Stitching Updates

Celtic Summer (I finished the front green part of her dress!)

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The Toy Shop - a very old UFO that I'm going to try and finish this month :) This is the front of the shop, a separate piece of fabric has one over one stitching that goes behind the windows. I finished the door and some vines on Monday night.

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and a wee bit more on the RR -

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Charlotte Funny's

This kid's brain just never stops! We're driving out of our place yesterday ...

"Mummy - did you know the lady next door is the same as the lady who framed your knitting?"

(knitting - hee hee, she does mean stitching ;))

"eh? are they? what do you mean?" (she had me stumped).

"They've got the same name."

"They have?"


(then I click) "Oh, yes they have - how did you know that?"

"I heard Kath call the framing lady Joy, and Daddy know's the lady next door is Joyce - see they're the same!".

Well ... not exactly the same ... but firstly, I had no idea she was listening so hard that she'd even notice Joy's name, and secondly - why on earth would she care or think of it anyway? LOL

... then two minutes later ...

"Mummy - did you know that when you blink your eyes close"


"So you shouldn't blink when you're driving because you won't be able to see where you're going."

ROTFLOL - I suppose she's right ... and I've got to wonder whether she was watching me very intently to make sure I wasn't blinking! LOL

Excitement of my Day, Week, Year ...

I ordered not one new lounge suite this morning, but TWO! We've been using an old brown one for the last 10 years, that I got when my grandfather died "to do us until we could afford a new one" ... well, we still can't afford a new one, but it is falling apart and I've been waiting for the next interest free, no deposit good deal to come along - and it did. One suite is a 2.5 seater, plus 2 seater - not quite big enough for us, so I ordered two, we will use one of the bigger couches for the front room and the three in the main lounge ... it's going to take five weeks to arrive, but I'm very excited! The fabric is a textured kind of thing, called Marine :)

Fun Sporting Administration

This weekend is our big registration weekend - so my head is full of everything I need to remember - forms, newsletter, people to run shifts etc etc ... I'll be glad when it's over. Not to mention it will seriously cut into my stitching time!


Jenna said...

Great work on Celtic Summer! Who designed The Toy Shop? It's really cute. And your RR piece continues to move along nicely.

Charlotte is a riot! What a head she has on her. :)

zoeandcooper said...

Great job on all your projects!! I really like the Toy Shop piece!

Your daughter is adorable! My husband agrees with her on the blinking and has now decreed that I may not blink while driving:)

AnneS said...

Haha, great to hear you like my suggestion :) I LOVE your toy shop piece - those specialty stitches look awesome!! Really looking forward to seeing your progress on this one :D And your CS is gorgeous too!

Faith Ann said...

Congrats on getting the new furniture... can't wait to see a pic!

All your stitching looks lovely. I'm intrigued by the Toy Shoppe piece, it's beautiful...I'm anxious to see what it looks like when it's finished.

I love the Charlotte stories...she certainly keeps you on your toes :)

Von said...

I love the Toy Shop piece, all those different embroidery stitches are just gorgeous! All your projects are superb. :D

Jenny said...

I've been meaning to do that Toy Shop piece or one like that for years. I know there are several in old issues of Cross Stitch and Country Crafts in my stash. One of these days! :)

Bea said...

Your UFO seems to be lovely. I look forward to seeing other progresses. Congrats for all your most recent finishes, they're all beautiful.

Carol said...

What great WIP pics! Celtic Summer is grooving right along, and those colors are simply amazing! I am now bumping her up in my to do pile! YOu have totally inspired me!

Charlotte is simply too, too cute!