Sunday, March 26, 2006

Mirabilia RR and Birdhouses

I finally finished my RR section of the Mirabilia RR - with a few days to spare!

Here is my section - "Fire"

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and here is the whole thing -

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and because I only had a few minutes to find something to bring to work to stitch, "just in case" I finished the RR - I picked up Shepherd's Bush Birdhouse needleroll that I've had in my stash forever - I finished off all the stitching last night, I'll machine stitch it into a tube later when I have the sewing machine out.

I must say I was a bit disappointed with the kit itself and it's instructions, I have great respect for SB and was surprised at some of the errors - one band said to start one thread in, so you finished it one thread in at the other end, so I did - got to the end to find I was one thread out, it needed to be started in line - not one thread in at all. The ribbon is completely different to the photographed pictures, I suppose they run out over time and can't get the original, but the kitted one wasn't nearly as nice and actually needed the instructions altered for the bead placement, and lastly the "brown" beads are more of a rose colour - and it looks okay I guess, but sunflowers don't usually have purple middles - I dunno I expected more from them ... or maybe I was just grumpy! LOL

Anyway - here it is -

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I really have to dig out the leotard patterns today and hope that I've got a big enough size to make Rhiannon a couple of new ones - she must have grown!


zoeandcooper said...

Congrats on finishing your part of the RR. It looks wonderful!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Fire is wonderful, the whole thing is really stunning. Congrats on the finish, CJ

Kath said...

Way to go on Fire! Amazing piece!

And the needleroll - that's an older one, mmmmm. You have made a nice job of it anyway.

Carol said...

Oooo,your contribution on the Mirabilia RR is stunning :-)

AnneS said...

Woohoo, your Mirabilia RR piece looks gorgeous - way to go! It's frustrating, isn't it, to have kits be "off" in their instructions and/or contents - I felt the same with the first Lorri Birmingham one I did, and will think twice about getting another one now :( Your needleroll turned out nicely, though, even with the purple flower centres ;P