Friday, March 24, 2006

Toy Shop Finished!

Another very old WIP crossed off my list ... well, actually, I've never written a list - I kind of find them in my drawer and think hmmmmmm that's right, I'd forgotten about that piece LOL.

Anyway - here it is -

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The Toy Shop - Patricia Andrle
From Cross Stitch & Needlework - December 1996
Started sometime in 2002 (I think), finished 21 March 2006

and a close up of the window -

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As usual - I have no idea when I'll finally get it framed, but when I do - I have no idea where I'll put it, it just doesn't really "fit" anywhere in the house, not that I have a particular theme or design for the house, but this one just doesn't have an instant home ... but I love it, so I'm sure I'd find somewhere.

I am SO close to finally finishing the Mirabilia RR piece, I would have at work last night but David went to Edgefest (a concert thing - lots of bands and horrible teenagers), and I arranged to pick him and some friends up when it was finished and drove them home, so I ended up leaving a bit earlier than normal - normally I would have definitely finished those last few stitches! Hopefully I'll have a picture of it to put here tomorrow, I will be very pleased to have that done and gone, it seems to have taken a lot of time and effort to get it stitched.

Next up I have to stitch a teacup for a RR I finished up quite a while ago, but this lady's one went missing so she has sent around a replacement - I might try and get onto that today. I'm hoping to have the weekend reasonably free so that I can get on and try to finish Celtic Summer before the end of March ... no pressure, really, just in my head LOL

There's a picture of the latest Mirabilia out too - Bliss Fairy - another one to go on my "I love and have to stitch" list ... sheesh, she needs to slow down, or something, there is no way I can keep up with her lovely designs! ... but then again I've been looking and watching for the past week or so waiting in anticipation for the next one that I knew must be coming out soon! Us stitchers are a strange, nutty breed (or is it just me?).

Thank you, as always, for all the lovely comments ... and happy stitchie weekend to you all :)


Jenn said...

Congrats on finishing the toy shop. I've never seen it before. It's a cute piece.

Thanks for the link for Bliss Fairy. She is so pretty.

Jenna said...

Toy Shop is fantastic! So much work and detail, but it is beautiful. Great job!

AnneS said...

Toy Shop is just stunning - fantastic job on finishing it! Happy dancing along with ya!! And thanks for the link to the latest Mirabilia ... I'm not really into these petal fairies, but even I like this one :P

Pam said...

Toy shop turned out so pretty Lisa! So happy to hear you almost have that Mira RR ready to send on, I know that will be a relief for you. I can't wait to see you start Bliss, you are such a quick stitcher, you stitch them almost as fast as she designs them! ;)