Saturday, April 08, 2006


Can't think of any appropriate word to put with it today. I don't have an update of Love and Wisdom - mainly because I didn't do a whole lot yesterday, and most of all I can't be bothered going allll the way to the other end of the house to get it and take a photo! This entry is purely so I can rant and rave and whine ... so if you aren't into reading ranting, raving and whining ... don't bother reading any further ;)

Maybe I'll just do a shortened version ...

Cameron came home from camp with seriously broken glasses - took them in this morning, they are beyond repair. We'll get his eyes retested and new glasses ... the one's he wants (and needs for his active lifestyle) are $400, just for the frames ... so much for Love and Wisdom being used to treat us. I'm wondering if it is tempting fate by having him have his tested the same day Charlotte is having hers done (Wednesday) ... I can see that becoming a very expensive day.
(Editing to add a note for Pat who I know reads this ... It's all Richard's fault - he told Cameron to put his glasses in his pocket, they fell out, got rolled on, and then Richard STOOD on them! ~ but don't say anything ... he really did need a new pair and we were putting it off until we could afford it - I'm actually hoping he might have done us a favour and we can maybe (just maybe, please, please!) get insurance to help pay for them ;))

House is a pigstye.

DH took it upon himself to yell at a kid misbehaving at the playground, the mother was there, the mother is the office person at the gym. I'm still mortified and really angry with him.

I can't stop thinking about how nice it would be to live in an apartment, alone, and not have to continuouslly deal with crap.

Mostly - I'm treading a fine line between handling my busy life, and not handling it .. today that fine line is about as fine as a hair.

I promise to be happy tomorrow ... AND have a good update of Love and Wisdom.


Rowyn said...

Sorry to hear you are having such a bad day Lisa, here's hoping tomorrow is a better one!

Kath said...

I am with you Lisa - there must be something in the air. I am cross that there has been 3 people int he house all day, I come home after work to have to clean, cook and run around after everyone. Sat in my bed at 7.00 tonight and thought why the heck to I bother!!! Two of them have gone out to various 'things' and the other has his feet up watching that b****y tv.

I have a cup of tea, taken two neurofen and thought I would catch up on blogs.

I hope you have been able to stitch.

I am sure you will get insurance for the specs too. That is what we pay insurance for.