Sunday, February 12, 2006

This and that ... and this again, and that again


Yep ... still stitching, stitching lots in fact - and it feels good! I've got just the beads to do on my Mirabilia piece for the Mirabilia RR I'm involved in - I'm hoping to do those later today, or tomorrow - depending how the day goes. I'm about halfway through a small LHN piece that I will sell on ebay - I should have pictures of both of those in a couple of days.

Meanwhile, here are two more ornaments -

Image Hosting by
Partridge in a Pear Tree
The Prairie Schooler
2005 JCS Ornament Mag
Image Hosting by
A 16th Century Celtic Christmas
Moss Creek Designs, Inc.
2000(?) JCS Ornament Mag
Ornament RR
Sadly, I'm now finished all my Ornament RR pieces - I really enjoyed the way this was run - and loved getting a surprise supply package in the mail, that was easy to pop into my bag for work or whatever and knowing everything was included. I'm not sure whether I'll sign up for another one or not - I've kitted a few ornaments in the same way ready to take with me in the same way - and our local stitching group's ornament SAL kinda replaces it.
Other Crafts
I bought some lovely fabric to make myself a top - eeeek! I need something to wear to my sister's wedding next week, and there is no way I can afford to buy expensive new clothes ... plus the fact that none of the tops ever seem to fit me "right" - everything is too clingy, and if not too clingy then just not right. I'm your classic Kiwi Pear shape - and overweight with it - so I hate anything clinging to my hips and showing how big they are! Anyway I've bought this fabric, and I'm planning on tracing around one T Shirt I've got that fits me nicely ... so keep everything crossed it goes as I've got it pictured in my head! ... if it works, I'll invest in a nice cream skirt/trousers to go with it - that I desperately need for work as well.
I've also been knitting! I used to knit lots - but have found in recent years I much prefer my cross-stitch, knitting gets boring, really fast (not saying knitting is boring - just that my attention span is way too short! LOL). Anyway - I've found it's the perfect thing to take along to the kids' cricket games ... two hours (or more), with my short attention span and not being able to sit still for more than five minutes (unless I have stitching to do ;)) ... knitting is perfect :D - I'll take a picture when I've done a bit more.
A Thank You
... to my lurking blogger reader. I arrived at Kath's on Wednesday night and she gave me the sweetest little gift for Charlotte that came from an internet friend of hers who had read my blog and then sent the cutest little Strawberry Shortcake make-up set to Kath to pass on to that cute little girl in my blog - isn't the cyber world amazing? Thank you so much quiet lurker (I'm not sure I should put names here, never sure whether that is good etiquette or not) - Charlotte loved it (as did Rhiannon the big sister who managed to persuade Charlotte she should share it LOL). Also loved telling her Dad and siblings that she got it because she is cute LOL
Is Sunday - and usually Sundays are quiet days ... but darn it I have way too much on.
Finish writing Soccer AGM Letter
Get hold of Sport Kapiti co-ordinator so I can go and AGM letter 600x
Put 600 rego forms + McD's competition/promotion + AGM letter into envelopes ready to post out.
Bike Ride
Beginning of year shooting club BBQ ... which includes prizegiving from last season ... which also means I have to do serious polishing of the trophies I won the year before that (um, about 6 of them - nice to win, but terrible to clean! LOL).
Eeek! I should get going ... I don't think I'll be stitching today!


Valerie (grvlgal) said...

Your ornaments look great! Especially love the Celtic Christmas one. Great work! :)

Kath said...

You are busy....

ood luck on the top - and I am gong to go pattern shopping in a few weeks once we have moved. Clothes are just far too expensive and I know that I can make them every bit as well. Being pear shaped is not fun - I know!!

Good luck on all the posting out stuff... and I shall fwd your blog to the lurking one....

Carol said...

Your ornaments are gorgeous :-)

Stephanie said...

Your ornaments are beautiful!

Katrina said...

lovely ornies Lisa :) already I'm looking forward to our next month's SAL ornie. have a good day.

Lelia said...

Double Awseome! Your orns are totally awesome.