Monday, February 20, 2006

Creative Writing ... from Mr 14yo

Very, very quick post - I need to go pick up Charlotte, but just had to do a quick copy and paste of David's latest creative writing - he is so GOOD at this stuff, but mutters and moans about it - I suppose that is natural though LOL

He's doing an assignment where each written piece has different "rules" ... this one, he had to start each sentence with an adjective -

M and W N****n

Comical, friendly and sometimes a little dopey are the first three things that come to mind about my best bud MJN. Friendly is also a good way to describe M’s parents who, over the years, have welcomed me as a son. Bubbly older sister L is also a good friend of mine but not as good a friend as M’s identical twin brother, W. Unfortunately a lot of people seem to think I should have a favourite twin but there is no way I could ever choose one of them over the other because although they are twins, they both have a lot of different attributes.

Athletic, humorous and intelligent are three good ways to describe W. As friendly as M and W are, when they get together they do not get along well at all. Shattered windows, holes in walls and terrified babysitters are all consequences of the twin’s aggressive nature. Terrible fights and vicious arguments forced wary parents to split the twins up. Sadly for W, he was sent to a boarding school in Wanganui and now, because they don’t see each other as much, the twins get on like a house on fire.

Funnily, The first time I met M I didn’t like him because we were playing soccer at school and he pushed me over. Luckily I became friends with W and got to know M, now we are like triplets. Super friendly, very funny, loyal and good to be around, Michael and William are two friends I could never replace!

My family is sure putting me through the emotional wringer the last few days - in a good way though! LOL

Thank you for all the comments, again - the blogging world is fantastic :)

Might be back later with some stitchy pictures ...


Jenna said...

Well done, David!

Jenny said...

Sounds like you've got quite the creative writer on your hands. :)

Faith Ann said...

Your son wrote an excellent piece!!