Friday, February 03, 2006

Nearly There!

I should finish the wedding sampler tonight ... in a few minutes if no more work comes in - woooohoooo! It seems to have taken me ages to the last little bit. I'll wash it tonight, dry it overnight and take it to the framer tomorrow - I'll be glad to have it done, but also very pleased with myself for doing it, I know Georgina will love it.

*darn it - spoke to soon, I've just had some work come in ... more soon ... LOL*

Okay - back again - although I've only had half the document ... why do these lawyers insist on changing the document 10x? (especially this particular partner ;)).

Anyway ... stitching! I am sooooo looking forward to stitching some ornaments this weekend, and then I'll be stitching my square for the Mirabilia RR.

Kids go back to school in 4 sleeps time ... it will be nice to get back into some sort of routine, although the getting up early is going to be hard! We have a practice run tomorrow because cricket starts - eek our kids, plus two extras to get out of the house by about 8.30am (that's about when I'm semi awake lately!).

That will do for now ... I must go and update/recap on my goals :)

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