Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I've been a hopeless blogger ...

But I'm still alive! Still stitching, but not nearly as much - I'm lucky if I sit a couple of nights a week with it. Stampin' Up kind of took up a lot of my creativity, I've loved the journey - I'm taking things quieter with it for now as life is permanently very busy and sad fact is that I can't do everything!

So of interest to my stitching buddies? I'm stitching the "C" fairy from Nora Corbett right now, when I'm finished with that I have to stitch the "R" ... I was SO excited when the R came out and she was called Rhiannon! Funny enough, if Charlotte hadn't been Charlotte, she would have been Cassandra :) So yeah, still stitching :)

So why a post all of a sudden? I thought I should tell you about my new blog - not sure if anyone is really interested (okay, I know Faith-Ann is :) :)), but I've set a new blog ... my journey to running the London Marathon next year. Yeah, can you believe it? I'm going to run a marathon - you'll have to read the blog to learn more about it!

Maybe if I get time, I'll actually update here with some stitching pictures, no promises though!



Faith Ann said...

I just happened to be going through my old blog-roll and clicking on all the links that I used to follow this afternoon... and I'm so glad I clicked on yours!!

I'll be adding your new blog to my google-reader so I can keep up to date :)

Kristin said...

Good luck with your journey!