Monday, February 19, 2007

More cards and a finish!

I'm loving making cards :D ... in fact, I got DH to put a table into the garage for me over the weekend so I can take my stuff in there, spread out ... and leave it there - rather than having to clear the dining room for dinner! ... Of course, yesterday I needed a card for Charlotte to take to a birthday party, so I just "quickly" got a few things out - maybe today I'll carry a few things through to the garage and set myself up. Anyway - here are yesterday's cards - two the same (do other people do that, if I'm going to make one, I might as well make two at a time!)

and a stitching finish! Here is Lizzie*Kate's Winter Sampler - I started these samplers, oh so many years ago - probably about 2001ish, that seems to be when I started a LOT of things, probably coincided with about the same time I discovered online shopping and the internet stitching community. Anyway, I've had Autumn and Spring finished for quite a while - Winter is on my WIP list. Only Summer to go now! I started that as well :)

Lizzie*Kate - Winter Sampler
Stitched on a tan coloured fabric - can't remember excatly what it is!
Finished 18 February 2007

I also finished Ashley's Roses last night ... but you will have to wait until later for a picture, I'd uploaded these ones yesterday and then ran out of time to post!


KarenV said...

Lovely cards! I always admire hand-made cards - yours look great!

Nice finish too :)

Pam said...

Beautiful cards, I'd like to try that someday. Love your finish, I have those, probably bought at the same time as you, when everyone was doing them on the board LOL. Can't wait to see Ashley's Roses, yay!

Sara Laughs said...

The cards are adorable and congrats on the L*K finish. That's got to feel good to get it off your WIP (or maybe it was UFO) pile.

Nicki said...

Your cards look great! I usually make more than one at a time too. Not done any for ages though :)
Love the Lizzie Kate too :)

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

Congrats on the finish! I love those LK seasonal house.

Kath said...

I wondered where you had popped off to!!!

Great cards, and to get the garage too, WAHOO!!

I forgot I had those L*Ks too.... LOL

Margaret said...

ROTFL. I started those L*Ks too...... didn't get very far. Hmmmmmm I wonder where they are.

I can't wait to see Ashley's Roses!

Love your cards. Our goal is to get stuff up on shelves in here (office) and off of the drafting table. Then it will become Stamping Central!!

Margaret said...
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Katrina said...

lovely cards Lisa - look forward to seeing more of your "creations". I took my first card class the other day for ages and we made 3 really neat ones.

Great L*K finish too :)

Faith Ann said...

Gorgeous cards!! I love them!! You're making me want to dig out my paper supplies :)

Very cute LK too :)

Carla said...

Oh I love those cards! My sister has just gotten into making them, and I'm trying to resist. Although if I could do half as good a job as these, I'm not sure I could. :)

Can't wait to see Ashley's Roses (I've loved what I've seen so far)

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Wonderful finish and I look forward to seeing Ashley's Roses.

Von said...

Very cute cards! And yes, when I make cards, I almost always make at least two, often four. As long as I have a nice design and all the supplies out - take advantage! :D I just finished up a sympathy card frenzy. :D