Sunday, June 11, 2006

English Garden Pocket

Wow! Look at this ... two posts in two days!

I've got to say a BIG thank you to Kath, Katrina and Pat for a lovely afternoon yesterday - they are great friends, who put up with my woes and tears. I think stitching with friends is the best medicine for your soul :)

Here is English Garden Pocket all stitched - just need to put it together, I've also realised I need to add something to the initial space BEFORE I put it together, I was going to think about it and do it afterwards, but that would be a bit hard once it's all sewn up, duh! I think I'll look in one of my numerous DT charts and add a little garden row from another chart.

Anyway - here it is :)

Whole thing -

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Closer up of the back -

Image Hosting by

Closer up of the front -

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I've said it before, and I just have to say it again - I LOVE Drawn Thread charts, and love all their little delicate speciality stitches!


Lisa said...
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Kath said...

Hang in there dear Lisa, we are all here for you. Abd what are friends for.....

Keep up all that beautiful stitching, I love your English Garden pocket all finished.

Lisa said...

(Sorry deleted my previous comment in error)

That's really lovely. Congrats on a quick finish

and hope things look brighter soon

Katrina said...

It looks wonderfulall finished Lisa :) It was good stitching "therapy" for us all on Saturday, it always is, and I so enjoy getting together with you guys, I just wish I lived a little bit closer. Take care, and remember that we're here if you need us :)

StitchCat said...

Your English Garden pocket is beautiful. Hope things are brighter for you soon :)

Rowyn said...

Your English Garden pocket is looking lovely. Hope things start looking up for you soon. (Men, hey!!?)

Von said...

So sorry for the upsetting news from dh. {{{{hugs}}}}
It's good that you were able to meet with stitching friends to talk about it and share some good things too. There's just something soooo theraputic about meeting with other stitchers!

Jenna said...

Beautiful work, Lisa!

KarenV said...

Lisa, you did a great job! And you've enabled me again, I think - I wasn't really struck with this when it first came out, but now I've seen your stitched one, I think it might have to go on the wishlist ;)