Saturday, June 24, 2006

Saturday Morning ... at home ...

Yep - for the second weekend running, no soccer. The grounds are terrible, we have had WAY more rain than usual for this time of year, so once again soccer is cancelled for the day. Which, really, isn't such a bad thing ... my day was going to go like this -

8.30am pick up onions
8.45am pick up sausages etc
9.00am set up BBQ at the Warehouse for Ski-camp fundraising.
9.30am take Rhiannon to 10.00am soccer game.
11.00am watch Cameron's soccer game.
1.30pm to gym to french braid Level 1 girls hair (none of those mothers know how).
2.00pm score for Level 1 Girls Competition.
5.00pm get home.

Meanwhile DH would have taken Josh to Levin for his 10.0am game, then Charlotte to her 2.00pm soccer, then 3.00pm to BBQ to clean up.

Sooooo the soccer parts were taken out - giving me a couple of hours at home this morning, time to update my blog ... and, most of exciting of all, catch up on laundry (oh yay! LOL).

... and in other family news ...

We bought a new car! ... a little Granny car ;) ... it is a little Toyota Raum, 1500cc, perfect for economic fuel assumption for DH driving the long haul to and from work, perfect for a second car for soccer etc mornings, and most of all? perfect for Mr almost old enough to drive (about 6 weeks until he is able to sit his written/learners and can start *gulp*), but not cool enough for him to want to drive his friends around ;)

... and Josh has decided to become a vegetarian. Thing is, with Josh, this won't be a flash in the pan thing, I really think he WILL become a vegetarian. This is the same boy who hasn't touched McDonalds for about six months since seeing Supersize Me (they showed them it at school). Soooo I have to be inventive to make sure he is getting all the nutrients he needs - he is also our palest child, so he really needs to pick up the iron from somewhere else.

DH is still working, still looking for another job - so we're in a kind of neutral holding place right now. Fingers crossed, positive thoughts, prayers, whatever works ... that he gets an interview for one that sounds promising next week - the agency like him, he's just waiting to hear whether he definitely will be interviewed - it sounds promising, hopefully, hopefully ...

I have been stitching, but might save those update pictures until tomorrow ... the washing machine just beeped that it's finished - I need to go hang it all outside (the washing, not the machine!).

Have a good weekend everyone :D


StitchCat said...

Good luck with your DHs job prospects. Great idea with the car. I might have to think of that...when my son gets old enough. My car is just too cool :)

Von said...

We actually have grandma's car for the kids, hehehe! A Subaru wagon that is definitely not cool, but very handy. :D Congrats on your new addition!

Carla said...

good idea with the car! I just can't believe he'll be driving so soon. {hug}

Andie said...

We've had no soccer for a few weeks too....... think it might have something to do with the snow? LOL

I love your exchange piece it is gorgeous!!


Margaret said...

So how's it going with Josh the vegetarian? Our kids are both veggie (like us) and seem to be flourishing!