Saturday, June 03, 2006

June already? - May Round-Up, June Goals

May Round-Up
I did okay this month ... went slightly off the planned rotation (hey, what's new! LOL) ... but it was a pretty good month, stitching wise.

1. Finish tea-cup RR - send off - Yes!
2. Finish Mirabilia RR - send off - Yes (but will be sending off on Tuesday)
3. Two ebay pieces - no
4. Finish Celtic Summer - Yes!
5. Stitch on HAED QS Summer Fairy - Yes!
6. NZ Ornament SAL - Yes!
7. 1 other ornament - no

Also -
Stitched and finished a Britty Kitty for my Mum (which she loved :)).
Nearly finished my Friendship Exchange piece.
Started and got through about half of Woodland Cottage.

June Goals/(Ideas ;))

I'm not sure I want to make goals this month, I'm kinda in a stitch whatever I feel like mood - there are a couple of things to list though (just so I feel good come beginning of July!).
1. Finish Friendship Exchange and send off.
2. NZ SAL Ornament
3. One other ornament
4. Finish Woodland Cottage

I'm hoping to stitch some things for ebay this month ... but I'm also just going to go with the flow :)

... and just because I can't show my stitching right now ... here is Charlotte at soccer today -

In action!

Talking to her friend (yes! my shy Charlotte is actually making (and seeming to enjoy) friends now!)

In action again

and when it all gets a bit boring? Why not do a few cartwheels instead! LOL


Kiwi Jo said...

your soccer girl is just too cute! Looks like she's learnt some moves off her big brothers.

Joy said...

What sweet pictures of your soccer star! My son just started this sport but hasn't done any cartwheels yet. ;)

Jenna said...

Go Charlotte! Love the action pics. :)

Kath said...

She's getting cuter by the day Lisa! And she has come a long way in the last few months.

Keep going on your stitching, it's all looking fabulous.

StitchCat said...

Its great having goals each month. I never set myself goals because I always change my mind about what I am going to do...but I think goal setting would probably be a help to me. I think the only goals I have are my Xmas ornament and a picture for my DH when he gets a higher rank in September. Love the soccor daughter will not play a team problems with the son though :)

Katrina said...

great pics of Charlotte Lisa, too cute :) Really looking forward to catching up with you, and seeing all your recent finishes too, lol, next weekend!