Sunday, March 04, 2007

Another week, another update

Gosh, a week goes by fast! ... I admire the people who can update their blogs daily ;)

Nothing terribly exciting happening in my world - so I'll leave you with a photo update -

Here is my ornament from February's Christmas Ornament SAL - "Joy Tree" from M Designs, from the 2005 JCS Ornament Magazine (I think 2005). I picked the cotton first (a Needle Necessities), and then was lucky enough to have the perfect coloured petite beads in my bag of odds and ends - I love it when it works like that :)

and here is what I've been doing in my spare time this week - rather than stitching or blogging ;) ... my walking buddie mentioned on Monday morning that she needed to find a gift for an exchange at the school she works at - so I offered to cover a notebook for her, as I said, any excuse to shut myself away and create! So here is Joan's notebook -

Then of course another friend saw it and asked if I'd do one for her daughter to give her friend for her 16th Birthday this weekend ... then David asked if I'd get a gift for another girl whom birthday he was going to - funny enough, both were Rebeccas - but Becki and Bex ... I worked on those two at the same time and did mostly the same.

.. of course, I have been stitching, I still like my time in front of the telly at night with needle in hand. I've done a bit of work on Stargazer, and will work on her Monday and Tuesday evenings this week too, I'll take a picture after that - I'm hoping she will be my next Mirabilia finish before starting Rose of Sharon with Pat as a SAL ... if I can get two finished and only start one, I'll feel so much better about my WIP list LOL.

Time to go off and update how I went with my goals in February and set new ones for March :)

As always - thank you for all the lovely comments :)

Sara - I'm not sure why I put Ashleys Roses down for so long - I think that 2000/01 time was a time when I started a LOT of things (being absolutely overwhelmed by suddening discovering all that was out there), but was also the time I had Charlotte and started my soccer work, both which suddenly sent me into a way too busy, and I think slightly depressed, state - so lots of starts and not a lot of finishes happened in that time of my life :)


Von said...

Your notebooks are brilliant! I bought one to cover the other day to give it a try - looks like so much fun. :D

Anonymous said...

Your notebooks look fabulous Lisa!

Glad that your rotation is working out well for you at the minute :)

~Velda said...

I really love looking at everything you do! you inspire me

Anonymous said...

I love your Joy Tree, it's very pretty.

Sara Laughs said...

I love the tree. One of these days I'm going to buckle down and stitch them for myself.

Also you have to tell me how you do those books. Do you put something overtop to protect the design? How does the inside look then? Is it messy or do you glue something overtop the ends to make it tidy?

AnneS said...

Wow, your covered notebooks are awesome - I love them! :D