Monday, April 02, 2007

Here I am, at last!

Can you believe it is April already? I swear March swept past in a blur - maybe April will be quieter ... here's hoping!

Not a whole lot of stitching update - I've been working way too much, today is my first day at home on my own with no pressing work to get done in a while. So after I've updated here I'm off to do some much needed housework, send off my Love of Needlework Exchange (a couple of days late - sorry exchange partner!), buy a beading needle (I have NO idea what I've done with the couple I had) and then maybe sit and stitch a while :)

I've finished stitching up my needlework exchange, but that is a surprise - so I can't show you that ;)

I CAN show you my Christmas Ornament SAL -

Joy - The Drawn Thread
stitched on a natural linen

and I can also show you Stargazer ... I've started the beading! I'm so excited to be so close to finishing another Mirabilia, and another biggish piece from my WIP list!

As it was the 1st yesterday, I started the next square on our NZ group Blessings SAL - I really look forward to those little squares each month :)


Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

Congrats on the ornie finish! It is a cute one. Great progress on Stargazer too. You will be done in no time!

Sara Laughs said...

WOW look at Stargazer! Please tell me you're not letting that one go!

Vash said...

Seeing your progress is giving me inspiration to pick her up this afternoon and have another go at her myself.