Sunday, April 15, 2007

Silly me ...

I came to sit here and finally update my blog and was going to mention my lovely children who are outside skipping, and what a wonderful old fashioned pastime it is ... even in todays generation (hear the flowerly music in the background?) ... HA! by the time I'd signed on, started to upload pictures, they were yelling at each other and Charlotte in tears. I'm sure those with big families will hear me when I say there are different combinations at different times that get on very well, and also those combinations that are just plain hard work ... right now, the worst combination in our household is Josh (12.5yo), Rhiannon (8yo) and Charlotte (5yo) - actually it is really a Josh and Charlotte clash - his sense of rightness and perfectionist does not combine well with her 5yo wanting her own way and being very vocal and strong about getting it, no matter at what cost .... *sigh* lucky enough I do know, that six months from now they could quite possibly be getting on wonderfully as the shifting and sliding of personalities and ages changes ;)

Okay ... on to fun things ... I forgot to update my L*K Blessings and Advent Calendar SAL last time I posted ... so here are the pictures of those - as you can see I stitched one of the Advert Calendar squares the wrong way - just as well I plan to cut them out and make individual ornaments! LOL

... and an update of Sampler Gameboard - I managed to finish that bottom corner over the past week - it really feels like its starting to grow and maybe just maybe I can see the end of it getting closer (I've only been working on it since I dunno, about 2002 maybe?)

Lastly, three cards I made yesterday - Friday night at work (yes, those girls who know me, it WAS very quiet again LOL), I looked through the Split Coast Stampers website and managed to find a page with all their old sketches on it - not only do I plan on joining this wonderful site soon, I also plan on trying to do some of their challenges each week. Anyway, I printed out the old sketches got each lovely child to pick a number from 1 to 119 (the number of sketches there are) and then made myself make a card from that number they picked out (see, the kids DO come in use!) - these are the result - the "tall" card, I'm not that thrilled with - it needed some paper or something else in the background ... although I'm pretty sure one of the girls' friends would be delighted with it ;) - I don't always feel very creative, so it was a great way to have a start point and work from there.

In other family happenings - Cameron is away in Taupo with a soccer mate at the moment, he left Friday and comes back Monday (hence *really* having the two girls and Josh combination happening), I imagine he is having an awesome time, another friend's father has just been transferred up there, they're not moving for a few months (father is commuting for a while) but have bought a holiday home there which is just down the road from the friend (who Cameron is with)'s holiday home (well, garage plus caravan apparently) - so the three boys will be having a great time. Rhiannon had a kidney infection a couple of weeks ago so last week she went in for a scan to make sure there is no permanent damage - we did that Friday and will see the doctor for results on Tuesday - the radio-whatsit lady didn't say much, but did say they look good - I'm pretty sure they will be - but you always worry!

This is our last weekend before the crazy soccer season starts, all five kids are playing so it gets busy! ... as of right now we have two soccer training sessions on Monday night, two gym sessions on a Tuesday night, two soccer training sessions on a Wednesday night, one gym and one soccer session on a Thursday night ... and nothing on a Friday night, then five games plus two gym training sessions on a Saturday - welcome to our world LOL (and still haven't heard when Rhiannon's team will be training).

I think that's enough rambling for one day ... I need to go make another cute bag - this one for a friend of the two girls - it is her Birthday party on Tuesday, our spending money is kinda non existent right now, and it is at those times I love being able to put something together from my fabric stash ;)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Rava said...

Lisa, I hear you!

My girls are either "best friends" or "arch enemies" and at times I wonder which group will prevail!


Kath said...

Gosh Lisa, it is not just big families that have these clashes!! lol lol

Love your new creations, all jolly cute as always.

Great the weather has improved and is back to warm.

Anonymous said...

All your stitching projects are wonderful and I love your cards, as always!

Hope Rhiannon is fully recovered now!

~Velda said...

I SO understand the shifting personalities! lol...sounds like you are one busy lady! I enjoyed reading your update. Your stitching is lovely. Funny, I liked the tall card best of all :)

Margaret said...

My family has those clashes too..... though with only the two, I know who it's going to be. The question is, will they clash or be best friends today?

Lovely cards! Split coast stampers is great for inspiration. And if you're using SU products, my pal Tami (stampwithtami) would be happy to put your creations on her site. Just tell her you know me. LOL

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

Excellent progress on all of your projects:)

Kiwi Jo said...

Love your cards Lisa.

Floss said...

I know what you mean about the kids - with our oldest 3, we find that no matter which kid is away, the other 2 will get on fine. But all back together - argh! Have sent one to Hanmer and one to Grandma's this week.

Hope Rhiannon's scan is okay, I had a kidney infection bad enough to put me in hospital a few years ago and it was like being in labour for a week. Nasty.

Enjoy (?) the rest of your holidays :-)

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.