Monday, April 02, 2007

March into April

March Round-Up

It's been a busy month - but I did okay! LOL

  1. Work on Stargazer - YES
  2. Stitch 2 Sampler Gameboard Squares - NO
  3. Participate in the Needleroll SAL - YES
  4. Stitch one ornament for the ornament SAL - YES
  5. Pinkeep Exchange - NO
  6. Love of Needlework Exchange - YES
  7. Work on Faery Tales - NO
  8. Stitch 3 Advent Calendar Squares - YES
  9. Stitch two L*K Blessing - YES
  10. Work on five PIF gifts - Started

April's Goals

Did you notice, I put Sampler Gameboard in ... might be a bit hopeful, but hey - I might as well try!

  1. Finish Stargazer
  2. Participate in Needleroll SAL
  3. Stitch one ornament for the ornament SAL
  4. Pinkeep Exchange
  5. Work on Faery Tales
  6. Stitch 3 Advent Calendar Squares
  7. Stitch two L*K Blessings
  8. Work on PIF Gifts
  9. Finish Sample Gameboard (Gulp!!)


Margaret said...

Hey I just hope to pull my Sampler Gameboard out of its storage bag!!! LOL

trenthamfamily said...

Hi.I came across your post through a Google Search about Faery Tales from HAED. Would you by chance have any pictures of your work? I have the pattern and plan to do this 2 over 1 tent stitch on 32 count fabric but worry that the details wont' be as great as the picture.

My email is