Thursday, January 11, 2007

More Ashley's Roses

I had a lovely stitching day yesterday - in fact, as I stopped stitching very blurry eyed at 6.00pm to get dinner ready and rush Cameron off to cricket practice, I realised I'd been stitching since 2.00 - with inbetweens of breaking arguments, feeding kids snacks etc ... but basically a wonderful four hour stint. Then later I went to Kath's house where Kath, Pat and I stitched some more - now that is what life is about LOL
Pat had organised our groups b/day gift for me - some wonderful cardmaking goodies and a VERY useful carry bag/tote just for crafting - I can see it being perfect for carrying what I need to work - thank you again ladies!
The household funny for today - I woke up this morning, looked at David's clock and it said 7.30, nothing wrong with that ... then turned over and saw my clock and it said 6.30 ... hmmmm 7.30 or 6.30? To go back to sleep, or not? of course by the time I worked out that I never fiddle with my clock, and I remember vaguely hearing David fiddle with his last night as he set the alarm, so his would be wrong ... I was very awake LOL - I laid in bed and read a while, then got up and enjoyed the quiet house before all the kids got up. I must ring David though and see if he ended up at work an hour earlier before he realised!
The sun is actually shining today so I'll do the customary couple of loads of washing and get that hung out in the fresh air! Beyond that, we have nothing planned I need to finish tidying and organising my desk, I might even give the pantry a much needed clean out and clean. Then I think I'll take advantage of the sunshine that is sure to not last long, and take the kids to the pools this afternoon. I have reached a new "time" in my life where it is actually FUN to go to the pools because I get to lie and read my book while the kids all play together in the pools - Charlotte has now got big enough where I can take my eyes off her and know she will be fine (I sound like a lazy old bat don't I? But believe me after years and years of having to be in the pool and be very self-conscious about my size, or sitting on the side heart in mouth, everytime a little one almost slipped, or tried to climb out, or whatever - this is a luxury for me!).
David and I going out for dinner and to the movies tonight - partly for my birthday, partly because we've been saying for over a year we will and never get around to it/can afford it, and partly because of a silly agreement we have with oldest son about still being paid for babysitting, even if I don't go to work - so we feel we need to make sure he earns his money!
Oh ... and Ashley Roses? I looked at the date in my Picturetrail Gallery and it says that the last picture was taken 3 January 2003 - I still can't quite believe that it has been four years since I last worked on her - time sure does fly!! I had plans of working on her pretty solidly over the next week or so, but I've remembered that I need to stitch a birth sampler for a good friend/work colleague of David's who is due this month ... I hope poor Ashley doesn't get put away for another four years!


KarenV said...

You're making great progress - she's really pretty :)

Enjoy your movie and dinner!

Redwitch said...

Ashley is v.pretty! I was blurry eyed from stitching yesterday too! Hope you have a great 'date' :)

Vicki said...

She's beautiful, Lisa. Hopefully she won't get put away for another years either. ;)

So did David arrive at work early? That's too funny!

It actually felt like winter here today so no pool for us. Darn!

my4blessings said...

I hope you have a wonderful time tonight!

Wow, is it really 4 years since 2003? Good gracious. Glad you pulled her out!

Lucy said...

Found your blog from another. Ashley is coming along do nice work! How lucky with 4 hours stitching...good for you. Check out my blog if you have a

Kathy said...

Wow Ashley is lovely.

Hugs xxxxx

Jaime said...

she is looking so pretty. I hope you keep on stitching her until she is finished!