Monday, January 08, 2007

V.2 Vest and A Place We Call Home Finish

Here is Cameron's cricket vest - he wouldn't model it for the camera, little darling ;) ... the colours on the ribbing are the Representative Team colours, they go away for a big tournament in two weeks so he is all set to go now :) Even I'm impressed with my knitting skills, I think the two vests took me three weeks to complete - helps when it is holidays and we were all stuck at home for a week with everyone sick! Everyone is well again now though - so hopefully it is back to normal, I have one more week of no work, no sports practices etc etc so I'll try and make the most of it, with stitching AND getting the kids out and enjoying the (hopefully!) sunshine.

Here is A Place we call Home all finished - in keeping with finishing my stitching completely this year, I'm planning on making this into a cushion - I'll hunt out some fabric in the next couple of days. I need to drop by my parent's and pick up an old sewing machine they've got - I was telling my father about the toy one we got for Charlotte and it not working and he said he has one they bought very cheaply, but has never been very good - but probably perfect for the girls to tinker on, as soon as I pick it up I know I'll be "helping" them, so I might as well have mine out at the same time! LOL

A Place We Call Home - Country Cottage Needleworks
28ct Country French Latte Linen
Finished 7 January 2007


Margaret said...

Great finishes both of them!

Vicki said...

Both pieces look great! I've never tried a cable knit sweater before but it's one that I'd love to do. I like the look of it.

Carol said...

Lovely finishes Lisa!

Wendy said...

Wow - great finishes, both knitting and stitching!

Jenny said...

Congrats on getting so much done - I started knitting a baby blanket in 1990 that still isn't finished! :)

my4blessings said...

You're amazing! The vest is great and the stitching is fantastic, as always!