Friday, January 05, 2007

True Confessions

Well, I did it yesterday - I went through my WIP drawer, and the "junk" drawer above it that also had some RR WIP's (my ones with various finishes to do on them) and listed them all. Oh my golly gosh - there are things in there I'd forgotten even existed, not mention the list is MUCH longer than I anticipated. In fact, sitting here and thinking about it - I have my chest of drawers in this room that probably has a couple of very very old ones in it as well. I AM finally starting to feel a lot more organised though, and its a good feeling :)

One kinda funny thing I found was an ornament stitched, but not finished up into an ornament - the date on it is 2000!! Surely, it hasn't been that long since I had a really good tidy out?? The other one was a snaplock bag with the stitching I took to Singapore with us - it had a mystery sampler I was stitching at the time, DT's French Garden and a NZ Designer canvas kit ... I haven't stitched those since we went to Singapore ... back in September 2004! Definitely time that I caught up on and finished those long lost WIP's!!!

Talking of WIP's here is my latest - but I WILL finish this ;)

A Place We Call Home - Country Cottage Needleworks

Okay - I'm off to put that scary list on my sidebar!!!


Margaret said...

You are very brave. Maybe you'll inspire me to go rummaging through my WIPs? Your current WIP is quite lovely!

Jaime said...

so when will we see your list.
your current wip is so pretty. can't wait to see this one finished

Sara Laughs said...

Wow, you have a lot going there! I laughed about the ornie from 2000. I'll bet I have stuff like that tucked away and I don't realize it. Good luck getting it all finished!

~Velda said...

hmmm I see a very large list know you could post some of the "almost done" rrs on the board, people will jump at the chance to help you finish them you know :)

Floss said...

Good luck with all those WIPs! I'm psmythe at paradise etc. It's raining again so I'd love a new project :-)