Saturday, June 25, 2005


Some secret code? Number of stitches I've stitched today? no! it's my shooting scores from the Wairarapa Champs today ... it is the start of our provincial championship run ... last week was Southern Hawkes Bay, but I missed it because Rhiannon had her gym competition. Next week is Wanganui - then a rep shoot - then on to Hutt Valley, Wellington, Horowhenua, Manawatu ... it's a busy few weeks. Those scores are out of 100 - I should be (and usually do) shoot a 98 average, so they're not great - but I've been struggling all year and actually feel like I'm beginning to work things out - I just need to remember what I've worked out ... for every single shot. All gooble-de-goop? yep, thought so ... but it helps to get it out of my head LOL

I've finally done it ... worked out some sort of rotation - that will hopefully last this month, and maybe longer ... I think I've got to forget what I haven't stitched for a couple of months, what I've started and should be working on ... and just slowly get through things, and still stitch things I enjoy :)

So here goes -

Week One - Recently started Mirabilia - Petal Fairy/The Kiss/Sleeping Beauty.
Week Two - DT Sampler Gameboard, then a new DT/Elizabeth Designs/Bent Creek (I have lots of these kitted and should stitch them).
Week Three - Chatelaine Christmas Mystery - I'm about 3 parts behind.
Week Four - Small stuff - RR's, ornaments etc
Week Five - Silver Lining - I've had the single roses ready to go for a while.

AND, Tuesday will be UFO day - Mirabilia's Rose Arbour to start with. Wednesday will be Lighthouse kit day. I usually manage to do a fair bit of stitching those days, so hopefully I'll start getting through those dreaded "must finish" things.

We'll see how it goes ...

Today I've stitched on my Ornament RR - I should have a finished picture tomorrow :)

It's after 11pm here now, and I've got to have Rhiannon at the gym for another competition at 7.45am tomorrow *yawn* so much for a Sunday sleep-in ...

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