Friday, June 24, 2005

Lots of pictures!

Now, if I updated more often, I'd put up pictures more often! I was all organised to do this at work last night, plus think of a good rotation for the month of July - but darn it, we were BUSY - unbelieveable really, it has been quiet for weeks and weeks ... I pack my stitching, packed some letters and minutes I need to type up for soccer last night, and I didn't touch any of it - in fact I didn't finish until 1.00am (instead of 11.30pm) ... and wasn't home until nearly 2.00am ... so I'm feeling rather jaded today.

Anyway - on to the pictures!

Bent Creek - Bee True

Bent Creek - Snowman* (I love this one!)

Lizzie*Kate - Daughters

Lizzie*Kate - Sons

I stitched the above ones for ebay - I've stitched the Lizzie*Kate ones a few times for gifts, ebay etc - they are always popular and fun quick stitch.

... and a couple of RR's

Candle theme -

and Fall theme -

... so I've been stitching, but nothing big, I really need to get on with some of my WIP's.

We did a wee bit of furniture shopping a couple of days ago and our lounge looks so much nicer - still not magazine showy kind of thing, that won't happen for many many years I imagine LOL, but -

doesn't it look so much nicer than it did a few days ago? Oh, that's right - you never saw it, I wonder why! ... we still desperately need a new lounge suite, but that will have to wait a while. The chest of drawers have lots of my cross-stitch "stuff" in them. I used to have a chest that acted like a coffee table next to the couch where I stitch, that always ended up a big mess because it was such a hassle to open and close it to get anything out. Now everything is in the drawers - a drawer for threads and beads and such, one for WIPs, one for magazines, one for junk ... can't remember what the other one has in it. But it's so nice to pack up my stitching off the couch and put it away and have the lounge actually looking tidy, and I don't know, if feels so much nicer sitting in there stitching when it feels comfy and "nice". We used to have a entertainment unit where the drawers are that dominated the whole room, it's nice to have the TV tucked in the corner out of the way. Also nice to have a real "grown up" coffee table, for years and years we've had little children that were always possibly going to run into corners etc ... our household must finally be getting older :)

That will do with the rambling for now ... if it's quiet this afternoon at work I'll work on some goals and rotation ideas.

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Faith Ann said...

All your finishes look great! I love the little scarecrow...he's so cute.

Your lounge looks great too...I don't think you can see the floor in mine right now (it's covered in toys) yours looks quite impressive to me :)