Sunday, June 26, 2005

Couple of pictures

I've joined one of the ornament RR's - first mailing date is tomorrow, and of course in my usual meeting deadlines fashion, I finished stitching my ornament tonight. I can't send the supplies etc tomorrow unless my Bits and Bobs order arrives, I originally ordered the Crescent Colours from there, then realised they were going to take a while (she was waiting on a back order), so ordered them from somewhere else ... but I still need two cards of two of of the colours so need that order to arrive before I send off the RR - I'm hoping it will be in the mailbox tomorrow!

Anyway - here is Topiary Tree by Brown House Studio - stitched with Crescent Colours and on 32ct "Mocha" - a hand-dyed from Silkweavers.

and also a picture of The Kiss, before I started stitching on it tonight - I plan this to be this weeks stitching (except Tuesday and Wednesday), so will take another updated picture at the end of the week.

... and now it's time for sweet dreams ...

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Christine Doyle said...

I love your progress on "The Kiss"! It is sch a pretty design.