Tuesday, June 21, 2005

When I grow up ...

I want to be like Carol ... I love checking her blog everyday and seeing her daily update of her stitching, I love the way she sticks to her goals and finishes things! LOL ... so, if I try really hard, do you think I could stick to some goals AND update with pictures everyday? I can only try ... having said that, I don't have time this morning to upload the photos I've taken of recent finishes - all small things (sheesh ... great start, right?).

... and here is my updates on life and stitching -

I've been working on small things - I can't seem to focus on anything big right now. I've finished a couple of Lizzie*Kate's and Bent Creek Snowman*. I'm now stitching a couple of RR's that need to go out this week. I also signed up for one of the Ornament RR's and am really looking forward to that. I received my specialty (Crescent Colours) threads the other day for my ornament, so I will be stitching that next and organising it to be all packaged and sent out by the 27th. Then I need to sit down and think about what I want/need to stitch over the next month and make some real goals - I work much better if I have goals to drive myself towards.

Are all well, except Charlotte who has had a bad run. She picked up school sores (a bacteria skin disease, I can't remember the proper name right now) and has been on antibiotics to get rid of those for a week, they looked like they were getting better but then just weren't healing and over the weekend she was quite feverish and not a well little girl at all ... so another weekend trip to the afterhours later and she has new antibiotics and some skin cream, plus a yucky cold virus in her nose/throat/glands ... she's a lot better today, but still whiny and grumpy (oh yay!).

The other kids are all well - all doing well. Rhiannon had another gym competition in the weekend - they all look so cute :)

DH's Job
He accepted a new job with Massey University last week and resigned from his old one, there was a bit of tension and excrement flying ... but after much of that, he left pretty much straight away and got paid some extra to keep his mouth shut, which was an unexpected bonus ... means we've paid off a loan, a couple of bills that we've been putting off and stocked up with firewood ... plus other bits and pieces. He's actually taken a slight pay cut so I'm trying to be sensible and set us up a bit so we hopefully avoid struggle mode for a while (I hate being grown-up, I'd much rather go spend it all on stash! ... oh, okay okay ... I did spend a little bit on stash ... but not as much as I'd like ;) LOL).

Weight Loss
After doing so well for about five months, I've really struggled this past couple of weeks - last week was terrible, I ate everything within sight and handreach and didn't go to my weigh in on Friday. I'm struggling to come right this week and WILL go to weigh in, no matter what. I don't want to slip and put on a whole lot of weight that I've lost ... and know I can in a heart-beat, very easily.

That's all I can think of for now ... stay tuned for more regular up-dates (hopefully!).

Oh, BTW - where have the colour options gone? For the text? ... or am I just being blind?


Kiwi Jo said...

I want to be like Carol when I grow up too! Don't forget that she doesn't have 4 children like you do (I'm still trying to work out what my excuse is). Congrats to your DH on his new job and I hope Charlotte feels better soon.

Katrina said...

Hi Lisa, great to get your update - had been wondering what you'd been up too, and stitching of course, :).

Carols' blog is great isn't it? I'm forever adding new things to my wish list thanks to her enabling, lol.

good luck to your DH for his new job too.