Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I'm home again :)

After a lovely relaxing weekend away ... I stitched, read, walked, biked ... all as I planned. I hate to admit it, but I was quite pleased to get home too LOL, I probably would have got bored if it had been much longer, but it was soooo nice to be commitment free for a few days/night. I had a pretty freaky drive there, they closed the Desert Road due to snow, and I think I slipped in a little tiny pocket of time that they had the alternative route open, but it was a very very slow drive over that part of the road, lots of snow and lots of ice ... the trip took an extra 2.5hrs and I was pretty tired by the time I got to the motel.

Went shopping Saturday morning and was very very excited to try on a pair of size 16 (NORMAL size!) trousers and find that they fitted! I still can't quite believe it :)

... and of course on to important things - here is what I stitched (finished last night after I'd got home ... but I can count that as the weekend, right?)

The Drawn Thread - Welcome, stitched on a Silkweavers Hand-dyed Linen called Primitive.

Also stitched a little bit of Petal Fairy ... just because I wanted to start it while I was away! LOL I finally decided to stitch this on Jobelyn Waterlily, I did get a hand-dyed Pipi just for it from Countrystitch, but after much debating in my head decided I liked the greenier colour, the pipi is quite brownish.

And while I'm uploading pictures - here is Peace and Plenty that I finished about a week ago -

Oh my gosh, my fingers are freezing - it has definitely turned into winter here, and my hands always seem to feel it more than anywhere else, typing is an adventure!

Righty oh ... it's off to work I go, I need to sort out the continous soccer stuff that never goes away. I'm thinking about finishing with the paid side (read - Senior side) of it at the end of the year, I'm getting really tired of battling with the same old things ... trying to get them to pay their fines (for bad behaviour, yellow and sometimes red card offences), trying to get them to pay their subs and record them properly for me etc etc, I've been doing it for three years and nothing is changing - topped off my DH telling me that when he was down at the clubrooms on Saturday night he saw them hand out the fine invoices and the players just swore, screwed them up and threw them away, and the manager just smirked. Life is too short to put up with that crap. I'll happily carry on with the junior stuff on a voluntary basis ... but I'm really tired of the other stuff.

Anyway - I really do need to go do some boring filing!


Katrina said...

Hi Lisa, sounds like your weekend was very productive - shopping, stitching, what more could a girl ask for! I'm off for a few days away myself this coming weekend, down to Palmy.

thanks for sharing your DT Welcome pic too, looks great, and funnily enough, its in my "to very soon" stitching basket, lol.

look forward to seeing more progress on Petal too.

Faith Ann said...

Your stitching is beautiful...you accomplished a lot! Your weekend sounds heavenly, but I understand wanting to get back home. I think I would enjoy a night away, but I know I'd want to get right back to DH and DS. DH's away on business for a couple of days and I miss him already!

Definitely give up the soccer activities that cause stress...you don't need the grief.