Wednesday, May 03, 2006

April Round Up - May Goals

Well, I really lost my way in April - but I enjoyed the stitching I did do!

April Goals:

1. Finish DT - Love and Wisdom - yes!
2. NZ Ornament SAL - Yes!
3. 1 More Ornament - no - started one, but didn't get far.
4. Mirabilia RR and send off - no - there was some muck ups in mailing, and it didn't arrive until last week - this mail out has been put back for two weeks.
5. Finish Celtic Summer - oh, so, so close ... about half the beads to go.
6. Restart Faery Tales - no - but started an experimental QS instead, and made decision to start it on 28ct.
7. 1 other ebay Piece - no - and no excuses for that one!

Funny enough, I'm not sure what I want to finish or stitch this month ... so it might be a wishy washy one. I need to get stuck into doing some ebay pieces, Rhiannon has a possible gym competition in Hamilton in July, and I've decided we will go IF we have the spare money ... so ebay, here I come! I still need to sell Love and Wisdom, I find it hard to find time to actually do the mucking around to get them onto ebay - it shouldn't be that hard, but it's one of those "little" jobs I have trouble finding time to do - partly because I like them to finish during the pm in US time ... so it cuts down the time of day I have to do it.

Here goes ... some wishy washy May goals -

1. Finish tea-cup RR - send off.
2. Finish Mirabilia RR - send off.
3. Two ebay pieces.
4. Finish Celtic Summer (I think this is the 3rd month I have this as a goal!)
5. Stitch on HAED QS Summer Fairy
6. NZ Ornament SAL
7. 1 other ornament

... and just because we all like pictures on blogs - here are my two monkeys -

Rhiannon -
Image Hosting by
Charlotte -
Image Hosting by
and I love the look on Charlotte's face of this one ... that intent "I can do this" look!
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Von said...

Sometimes we meet our monthly goals, sometimes we don't because something else grabbed our attention. It's all good, don't you think?!

Mia said...

I just set goals for fun, Lisa. Sometimes I get them accomplished, sometimes I don't. Of course, I do have major ones sometimes but by writing it down, I work to get it accomplished.

Your girls are just gorgeous and getting so big. :)

Jenna said...

Such strong little monkeys they are, too! Don't worry about the monthly goals. As others have said, it's not a big deal. No one's holding a gun to your head. :) As long as you enjoy the stitching time you have, that's what is important. It's about carving a little bit of time out for ourselves in this crazy world!

StitchCat said...

Well done on the 2 yes's. And don't worry about all the other projects...they will get done in time :)

Lisa said...

Hi from another Lisa. Just found your blog and love it. Love your pieces and was wondering what your ebay seller id is so I can look out for your stuff