Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sunday Morning

Where has the week gone? ... in yet another blur me thinks.

Firstly thank you all so much for your comments and praise on Celtic Summer - we sure have a wonderful community out there. There were a couple of comments from people I haven't "met" before ... and I have looked at your blogs, and fully intend to leave nice comments back :)

I've been doing lots of bitsy things this week ... I think I'm in avoidance mode, in fact I KNOW I've been in avoidance mode. I need to finish and send off the Mirabilia RR tomorrow and still need to finish it off - guess what I'll be stitching tonight? ... so last week, I started Woodland Cottage (need to get back to it after finding a big boo-boo, and needing a DMC colour where I'd be fudging ... and of course I didn't have it ...), I stitched our NZ SAL ornament, except for a few gold crosses where I ran out of thread ... need to finish that off too ... THEN I got some new stash, including the latest Brittykittys ... and decided one would be perfect for my mother for Mother's Day (I didn't see her on Sunday, but we will be there for dinner on Wednesday night so I will give it to her then) ... I've got just a little bit more to do on that - which I will do this morning, and then finish into my first ever flatfold - wish me luck! ... so no pictures, because I'm so close to having a few finished - but not quite there yet!

Oh - and tonight, I WILL be finishing the Mirabilia RR - maybe then I'll settle back into my stitching properly ;)

I've got so many ideas for my Friendship Buddy Jo ... I'm just not sure what one I'm going to do yet ... maybe I should do all of them! LOL

DH has taken the four older children to his parents today ... there is a whole lot of wood there from some pine tree felling that he did a couple of years ago - some cut up, some not - they have a wicked bank at the back of their place, and the pinetrees were blocking their view - so David went and got rid of a few branches, and felled a couple to tidy it up for them, and so we could have the firewood - and of course, then didn't talk to them for a year or two so it's been sitting there or a while. He was going to take the biggest boy and his mate, but the mate has piked out - so as soon as he mentioned that magic word PAY! the other three decided they'd quite like to go ... they WILL be working, all the bits of wood need to be carried up a steep bank and put into the trailer (for those who know NZ - they live in Maungaraki - and look out towards Wellington Harbour - beautiful view!). Which ... leaves me and Charlotte at home, I've got lots of sewing bits I want to do and plan to do that all day - I did say to Charlotte I'd let her help me make something for her, I might cut out a cut square of fabric and she can make a doorknob hanger or something.

Lastly, I'm not sure about putting this here ... but it's my blog, and my thoughts, so I will! - if you're offended or uncomfortable by religious talk ... you don't need to read on ;)

I've been going to a womens groups once a week with a good friend, it's a very Catholic group and I'm not at all Catholic, but they are such a wonderful group of women - that doesn't matter. I've really found myself thinking alot about my Christian faith, and lack of it over the past 10yrs or so - as a teenager I went to a lot of bible classes, church etc and was very touched by it all - but haven't really followed through - I've always thought of myself as a kinda of fence sitter, but living a christian life - does that make sense? Well, we're talking about blessings right now and praying for them, and listening/watching for them ... maybe it's coincidence, maybe it's me finally listening ... but in the last couple of weeks ...

- DH found a job advertisement for a job that sounds perfect, and has an interview on Monday.
- After our Wednesday session ... Thursday he found a letter he'd forgotten about at work that tells him he has a payrise - only a small one, but it's back dated to January, and will get the backpay this pay - just as I was wondering where the heck the money would come from to pay for our van to be warranted and serviced.
- Funny kind of blessing - but one for me - turns of events mean I'm getting my quiet Sunday to sew today.

I've got a wee mantra going on in my head ... I'm listening, I'm listening! LOL


Tracy Baby said...

Hi Lisa , Iknow what you mean I have a simular situation to you ,its a weird thing about miracles the more you look for them the more you see ,I woner if its because you take time to enjoy the small things like a day to sew? Whatever it is I say let them rain on down.

StitchCat said...

It does work :)

Katrina said...

Hi Lisa, nice to see you back here, and wow,I missed your Celtic Summer happy dance! She looks fabulous. Let me know if I can send you more thread for the ornie, its not a problem. It was quite hard to judge how much we were going to need for it.

Enjoy your day :)

Jackie said...

Yep!!! Sit back and enjoy!! I'll say a lil prayer for your DH!!

Kath said...

Things work in mysterious ways Lisa, and I reckon Mum is up there looking our over us. I say a little thank you to her everyday. I am sure you have a guardian angel there for you too.

Fingers crossed for David, and do let me know how he got on.....! And a payrise... wonderful.

Looking forward to a catchup on Wed night.