Saturday, May 13, 2006

Celtic Summer

Ha! You thought I was going to say I finished it didn't you? No such luck, I swear the world is against me trying to finish this one. Wednesday night, I got really close - but was too tired to do the last small part of the beading.

Took it work Thursday night, thinking I'd at least have an hour at the end of the shift to finish it, no such luck - work was really busy, definitely no time to stitch!

Friday I managed to sit for about half an hour before I went to work - but didn't quite get to the very last beads before I had to get ready for work, that's okay - I usually have an hour or so when I get home on a Friday night to stitch, so was SURE I'd get it finished last night.

Caught the 8.30pm train, should have got home about 9.30pm. Noooooo a freight train lost it's door and managed to cut off a signal ... which turned the signals off for the rest of trains - got halfway (with the train people getting out and manually checking the points at every section) at about 10.30pm ... into taxis and home about 11.00pm

Saturday today - normally I'd definitely stitch tonight ... nooooo, we're going out for dinner to celebrate DH's sister's 40th birthday - after I've done soccer accounts this morning (which I had with me to do at work on Thursday), after I've taken the kids into a show into Wellington ...

I better get a Mother's Day break tomorrow - that will be the first on my list to do!!!


Kath said...

I hear you Lisa. Feel time is against me too. I keep telling myself it WILL happen.

Lauren got caught in train debacle too... took her 2 hours to get home, bundled into a taxi too that bought her right to the door.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day...

Carol said...

Happy (US) Mother's Day Lisa!