Saturday, May 06, 2006

A couple of little finishes -

Just to prove that I have been stitching!

Peace Ornament - made up into a little needleroll -

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and a Teacup for a RR that actually finished a while ago, but this lady's got lost so has sent around a replacement - threw me really, but I didn't mind stitching a replacement for her :)

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Saturday morning here - so soccer morning. DH has taken the middle three and dropped them off at various places and gone to watch Rhiannon in Otaki. I'll be going to watch David and then the end of Cameron's game. It is really nice as they get older and more responsible, Cameron is staying at the main fields and watching Josh, then Josh will stay there and watch Cameron until I get there - MUCH easier than a few years ago when we'd have to have one of us at every game!

Anyway - I better get moving ... quickly tidy the house and make it look like I was busy while DH left with the early run ;)

Oh, and how could I forget - I have my partner for the Friendship Exchange ... and I got Kiwi Jo - I love Jo's blog and am really looking forward to getting to know her better :)

Bye for now!


Kiwi Jo said...

I'm looking forward to getting to know you better too Lisa! Hope the soccer kids have good games. I spent many cold days watching soccer in Wellington when my sister's step-kids and I all lived there.

StitchCat said...

What a lovely little needleroll Lisa, it is amazing how many designs can be made up into needlerolls. That would throw me a bit too, having to restitch something for a RR.

Kath said...

Hey cool to get Jo as your partner. Was talking with Katrina last night too and she has a cool parnter too. I have a new lady I don't know, so it will be neat making a new friend.

Needleroll came out nice too.

Hope you enjoyed your bike ride.

Isabelle said...

Oh I love the Love ornie - I started it around Xmas and never got around to finishing it - next Xmas surely ;) Yours is very pretty!

Karoline said...

A couple of nice finishes Lisa

Katrina said...

the Love ornie looks lovely Lisa, I've yet to start my April one - gulp :) I hope to get the kits for our May one in the post over the next few days.