Monday, May 08, 2006

Weekend Stitching

I'm seriously lacking in stitching time lately - but I did manage to stitch this weekend between soccer games, making bean bags, catching up with work etc etc!

I stitched my "Quick Stitch" last night - because, well, I just felt like it - I should have been carrying on with my Mirablia RR, should have been beading Celtic Summer - but decided to stitch on what I really wanted to :)

Progress is to the left :) Oh! Rhiannon has asked me if I can stitch one of the fairies for her ... awwwwww ... I love it when my little girl is interested in my stitching - so I'm going to let her choose one (could regret that! LOL).

Also - here is the Mirabilia RR I'm stitching on - I must admit I had eyebrows raised when I first pulled this out of the bag it came in, but now I've started adding the wings, I like it more, the lady wants a fairy, but of mixed up charts - I'm doing the wings, they're from Lily the Dreaming Fairy - and lucky enough the chart fits quite well with what was already there AND it is one I have kitted so I have all the sparklies and beads to do it :) (picture below)

and lastly - here is Maisie with her favourite person, Josh - cats are shallow creatures, guess who feeds her every day! LOL ... in the morning when Josh is practicing his flute she sits outside his bedroom door waiting for him to come out because she knows that he will feed her about he's finished.
(I'll come back and post the picture - I've lost it - cut it out to paste it, but now it won't paste!)

Okay, I lied - lastly, lastly ... little Charlotte has been playing Nursery grade soccer this year - DH has been taking her because if I do she will just do her cling on routine, she's been doing REALLY well - so well that she got player of the day on Saturday after scoring the only three goals in her little game :)


Carol said...

Wow, that Mirabilia RR is.... different.... I like your wings, but can't say a mixed up Mirabilia fairy would be appealing to me as a project either :-)

Jenny said...

You are doing really well with the fairy - I'm impressed with how good it is looking. :)

Jenny said...

You are doing really well with the fairy - I'm impressed with how good it is looking. :)

Kath said...

well, that fairy is going to be interesting!

Hey, where is the pic of Charlotte to.... lol

All's well here

StitchCat said...

The Mirabilia is looking good. I stitched Cottage Garden Fairy for my daughters birthday last year. Some of those HAED designs are impressive. Quick stitches...they are joking arent they... LOL

Carol said...

Your QS look great so far.
And about the Mira BB... I think I actually like it. It's different but I like it.

Jenna said...

Josh plays the flute? That's really cool! I've played the flute since fourth grade. :)

meg said...

The Mirabilia RR is...different - it looks very nice though. :D