Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Another week, another dollar, another stitch ...

I seem to be busy, busy, busy at the moment - and my stitching time is suffering! I shouldn't complain - I still seem to get more time than a lot of stitchers I know :)

I've finished setting up my Prairie Birds (by Prairie Schooler) RR for a Mini RR one of the boards I frequent is doing. Here's a piccie -

I've finished all the stitching that I will have to do on it - which means it will come back to me finished ... yay!

I'm stitching Part II of Chatelaine's Xmas Mystery II now ... I cannot believe I've stitched a couple of hours tonight and I still haven't finished one snowflake ... I thought I might get them both done and start an ornament tonight as well - I'm not finding her instructions particularly easy to understand ... but then again, it's nice to be challenged with something a bit different - one of the reasons I signed up for it and am stitching it.

I heard unofficially today that our 9yo (Cameron) has made the top team for soccer in his grade this year ... it's quite a big thing, they've had to select one team from the three top streamed teams from last year - and this team is being formed to play in the top Wellington League, this year is their training, getting used to it, priming them ... year - next year they'll carry that team through to the Wellington Premier League ... he is going to be a happy little boy when he hears officially.

Soccer AGM is on Sunday ... so I'm freaking over the annual accounts, I think I've basically finished them as of this morning though *phew* ... I can't wait until the meeting is over and done with - I'm not an official accountant or anything so I've set everything up on more common sense and some office accounting experience, so I'm always nervous someone is going to ask difficult questions that I can't answer, and will make me look unprofessional, or a dumbie!

Registrations are starting to come in as well - official registration days are 13/14 March ... the week after that I'll be VERY busy processing them all ... putting each one of the database, receipting them, writing up all the cheques etc ready to bank ... it's the biggest job I do all year. I've got to get my head together before then and make sure the registration hall is set up right so that everything runs smoothly ... meanwhile I'm hoping quite a few come in via the mail over the next couple of weeks so there are less on the actual registration day.

I could carry on rambling ... but you'd get bored pretty quickly! LOL

I'm off to sweet dreams :)

Friday - PS RR - 2.0hr
Saturday - PS RR - 1.0hr
Sunday - PS RR - 4.5hr
Monday - PS RR - 1.ohr
Tuesday PS RR - 2.0hr, Xmas - 2.0hr
Wednesday - Xmas - 3.5hr

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Little Grey Cat said...

Your RR is very pretty :-) Can't wait to see a piccie of it when it comes back.

Congrats to Cameron - that's brilliant!