Sunday, February 06, 2005

Not a lot happening

But I hadn't updated for a while, so thought I should.

I've started stitching The Kiss (Mirabilia) - I've had this kitted for ages, then joined a Sleeping Beauty SAL where they've divided the pattern into 12 with the intention of stitching a 12th each month and thought what a great idea, so have divided The Kiss into eight pieces with the intention of stitching an eighth each month.

I don't seem to have had a lot of stitching time the last week or so, work has been busy this week so I had to actually work, rather than stitch - it's awful how you get used to it being quiet and become disappointed when there is tray full of work to do!

I've got a bit of soccer work and baking to do this morning, then we're off to a couple of BBQs this afternoon/evening so I'm not sure whether I'll get to my stitching today ... we shouldn't be too late home though as we're all going and kids need to come home and get to bed before school in the morning.

Wed - The Kiss - 3.5hr
Thurs - The Kiss - 1.5hr
Friday - The Kiss - 1.0hr
Saturday - The Kiss - 4.5hr

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