Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Ants, kids, heat and more

It's summer here, and it's "really" summer - the last couple of years we don't seem to have a real one. So, it's hot and muggy ... and when it's hot - the ants come out, gawd I hate those things, I have ant bait everywhere and they're feeding on it, so hopefully that will keep them under control, but while they're busy feeding on the poison, you don't really want to kill them before they have a chance to take the lovely stuff backto their nests ... so I have to sit here smother the urge to spray them. Have I mentioned how much I hate the darn things???

I'm also trying to walk everyday ... and I just don't seem to be the sort who elegantly perspires, I arrive home looking like a big red sweaty beetroot ... oh, so much fun. The GOOD thing is we've made use of the beach and sea more this summer than we have in quite a few years - it's a great way for the kids to cool off and get rid of a bit of energy!

Everyone has started back at school now, the oldest went off to his first day of high-school this morning, the next three started back at primary school on Monday, Charlotte is still home with me, except for her two daycare/kindy mornings ... it's nice to have a relatively quiet house again ... before the after school rush of activities anyway!

I think that's enough updating for one day ... I'm off to stitch for an hour or so before getting ready for the after-school onslaught!

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Faith Ann said...

Ewwww. We had a huge problem with ants last summer as did a lot of homes in our area. I hope next summer will be different. I can never resist squishing them when I see them, even though I know I should let them take the poison back...I just can't let them live if I see them!