Saturday, February 19, 2005

Some pictures!

at last :)

The first of eight parts of The Kiss -

After seeing Sleeping Beauty split into 12 pieces for a SAL (which I have joined, but need to start stitching), I decided to do the same with The Kiss that I've had kitted for along time, but keep putting off because other things come along - though the first part took about 25hrs ... which means the whole thing will take a LONG time to stitch!

... and two squares for two different RR's I'm involved in.

Charlotte now goes to daycare when I go to work on a Friday, she goes for the afternoon kindergarten session which is 1pm-4pm (my niece picks her up after finishing at school), but because I don't need to leave until 2pm, I get a precious spare hour. Yesterday, I used it to stop in at Nancy's, a LNS in Wellington. I finally succumbed to the need to buy a couple of Michael Powell kits - I bought two small ones to start with - Cottages I and Cottages II, I actually started one at cricket today - I stitched the top line of crosses, I need to put it aside though and finish setting up my Praire Schooler RR and another couple of things.

Talking of Michael Powell designs - one of my younger sisters is getting married February next year (I think that is when) and I've been keeping an eye out for the "perfect" wedding sampler to do for her - she's not really a flowery, pretty sort of person. I'm going to check with her twin, but I'm pretty sure I'll stitch Michael Powell's Pot of Love (I think that is what it is called) - it is more her thing, I'll probably have a fiddle and put their names and date of their wedding sort of hidden on the vase somewhere, so it is still a keepsake for their special day.

I've actually got a quiet afternoon planned, just need to hang out the latest load of washing, sort out a dessert and salad to take to a BBQ tonight ... but otherwise I plan to stitch, yay!

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Kiwi Jo said...

Hi Lisa, all your stitching is beautiful and I especially love the little fantail - he's so cute! I see you've also succumbed to Michael Powell designs and I think the design you've chosen for your sister will make a great wedding gift. The Spanish Cottages 6 I have just done was in JCS June 2004. Keep up the good work!