Wednesday, February 02, 2005

February Goals

Hmmmm now, what do I want to stitch in February?? Time for something biggish I think :)

Birds RR - Done! (6.0hrs)
Memories RR - Done! (9.0hrs)
Set up new Mini RR - Done! (17.0hrs)
20hrs Lighthouse Kit - (7.0hrs)
1st part of Sleeping Beauty
1st part of The Kiss - Done! (25hrs)
Ornament 1 - Done! (4.0hrs)
Ornament 2
Xmas Mystery - Part 2 - Partly done (6.5hrs)

I think that will be enough to keep me busy :)

Rotation should go like this ...

10hrs Lighthouse Kit
The Kiss
Xmas Mystery
5hrs Lighthouse
Birds RR
Memories RR
Sleeping Beauty
5hrs Lighthouse
Set up RR

We'll see how it goes ... February will be a busier month than January.

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