Thursday, February 17, 2005

How has a week nearly gone?

Ugh - I've been so busy this week, I haven't even taken time to take pictures of my cross-stitch!

Between trying to keep up with the walking, keep up with the kids, get things ready for the soccer season which will be starting soon (I am the administrator for our local club - which has approximately 500 juniors and 100 seniors - it's amazing how much work there actually is) ... and of course trying to stitch a bit each day - I'm tired!

Thank goodness for work - it's been relatively quiet tonight, I had a few jobs that I did pretty quickly then I got stuck into the reports I needed done for our soccer mgmt meeting on Monday night - my shoulders feel slightly lighter now I know I don't have to fit that into my morning tomorrow, I'd rather be stitching - but I suppose work things need to come first.

Of course, it's 11pm, I finish at 11.30pm and I was just thinking I might sneak off home early for some much needed sleep when one of the partners brought down some work - my conscious will make me stay and at least type his urgent memo up before I go home *sigh*.

All going well tomorrow (especially with the soccer stuff done, yay!) I might get time to take and post some pictures :)

Monday - Bird RR - 3.0hr
Tuesday - Bird RR - 3.0hr, PS RR - 3.0hr
Wednesday - PS RR - 3.0hr
Thursday - PS RR - 0.5hr (sad!)

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Faith Ann said...

It sounds like you have such a hectic schedule, I don't know how you ever have time to stitch, let alone take pictures of it!