Saturday, April 09, 2005

Back into it ...

Back into blogging, I hope ... the longer I left it, the more I didn't know where to start - so I've decided to start over LOL

Life has just been plain busy, the start of the soccer season is always busy, plus we just seem to have become a very busy family.

I have been stitching, I will up date my March Goals and write out April's sometime later, maybe this afternoon.

We've only got two playing sport this morning, DH has gone with David for his final cricket match, a parents vs kids game, and I'm taking Cameron to his soccer game - he is playing in the top team in his grade and therefore in the Wellington Promotional League, rather than the local league like Josh, Rhiannon and David will be - they start in a few weeks. So for a couple of weeks we are only split between two children, much easier than usual!

I'm hoping to start making some leotards for Rhiannon and Charlotte this afternoon ... maybe I'll have pictures later :)

Lets see if I can keep this blog going this time ...

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