Monday, April 25, 2005

A finish!

It feels so nice to actually finish something - I seem to have been stitching bits of things for ages.

Here is The Book Shelf by Little House of Needlework - stitched on 32ct Linen hand-dyed from Silkweavers - Golden Harvest.

Not sure how long it took hours wise - it took about two weeks I think. My stitching has been pretty spasmodic lately - I get the odd day where I get a few hours in the afternoon (mainly because its school holidays so not as much rushing around as usual) ... and 2-3 evenings a week where I get to sit for a few hours. At the moment my evenings are scheduled like this -

Monday - soccer meeting or shooting
Tuesday - HOME and stitching!
Wednesday - stitching group or shooting
Thursday - work
Friday - work
Saturday - usually home
Sunday - usually home

Of course that does change - like this week I have a soccer meeting on Tuesday night - much to my disgust, that is Amazing Race night and usually the only night I know I will be at home and stitching. Wednesday night I'm working an extra shift.

It's a holiday here today (Monday) - ANZAC day to remember all our brave soldiers who fought in the wars - the date is an anniversary date of the landing at Gallopi in WWI ... but the day remembers all soldiers, all wars.

It's suddenly turned very wintery and it's raining and cold outside ... a good day to stay home and stitch. I have one leotard to finish sewing, I might trace and cut out the skirts I plan to make the girls as well. Otherwise I'll find time for a walk, and spend the rest ofthe day stitching.

Ugh ... not sure if it is my pc or Blogger - but I'm having really bad lag typing this!

Now to go fiddle with my format here ...


Katrina said...

Hi Lisa, congrats on your finish, I hadn't seen this one before.

pretty cold up in CHB today too

Faith Ann said...

What a cute finish...and you stitched it so quickly!

It's spring here and it was VERY cold and windy all day...I'm sure it felt like it could snow any minute.

Carol said...

Hi Lisa,
I love that!!! Great job on it too!! It is spring here as well... still chilly and a little rainy, but after our horrible winter this is still a nice change :-) I got your email about the blog... am at work, so will try to reply tonight to see if I can teach you a little HTML... that is what you need in order to get the items into your sidebar :-)

Lisa said...

Oh pooh - and I thought I didn't want to buy anything else this year. Oh well, that's what wish lists are for, right? Love the bookshelf!