Saturday, April 23, 2005

A Quiet Saturday

Middle weekend of the school holidays, a long holiday weekend = no Saturday morning sport, yay!

Of course, we have Rhiannon's soccer tomorrow - they are getting her grade together for a kick-around before the season starts. I have a rep shoot tomorrow afternoon ... and Cameron will have soccer training on Monday - we couldn't possibly go for a whole weekend without any sport - but a free Saturday morning IS nice!

Stitching wise I'm nearly finished The Bookshelf - I should finish it today/tonight and have a picture ready later on. I've really enjoyed this one, I'm hoping to find a frame the right size and frame it myself, otherwise it will end up in my growing pile of unframed things that I can't afford to get professionally framed.

Not sure what to stitch next - I might stitch a couple of ornaments. Or do the next part of The Kiss, or the kit like I should, or ... or ... I dunno. It will be nice to have something finished though - I seem to have worked on big things with no end in sight, or RR's all of this year.

That will do for now ... I need to go have a shower and get moving :)

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