Sunday, April 10, 2005

A to Z about me ...

I've seen this from a few blogs and copied it from the lovely Katrina's :)

Accent: Kiwi (New Zealand)
Bra size: 38D (going down though!)
Chore I hate: Any cleaning, I never seem to have the time ... and it always seems to be a rushed job.
Dad's name: Jack Watson
Essential make-up: local - none, work - mascara, eyeliner
Favorite perfume: Don't know ... nothing to flowerly or chemical smelling, they make me sneeze
Gold or Silver: Gold
Hometown: Paraparaumu, New Zealand
Interesting fact:
Job title: Job 1 - Word Processing Operator, Job 2 - Administrator (Soccer), Job 3 - Mother (not necessarily in that order! LOL)
Kids: Five - David 13.5, Josh 10.5, Cameron 9, Rhiannon 6 and Charlotte 3.
Living arrangements: 4 bedroom home with DH and kids.
Mom's Birthplace: Taihape, New Zealand
Number of apples eaten in last week: About 4?
Overnight hospital stays: 5 (for each of the kids)
Phobia: Getting trapped between the sea and a cliff.
Question you ask yourself a lot: Why have I never got any time spare?
Religious affiliation: None ... but consider myself "Christian" (grew up in a very Athiest family)
Siblings: 2 older sister (Aileen 44 and Dianna 43), 1 older brother (Willie 38), 3 younger sisters (Julie 34, Stephanie and Georgina 30 - Steph and George are identical twins) and 1 younger brother (Joel 24)
Time I wake up: 6.30am most mornings.
Unnatural hair color: Blonde with terrible dark roots that I need to fix up.
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Silverbeet
Worst habit: Needing to snack while I read.
X-rays: About 20yrs ago for a fractured ankle - unless ultrasounds for the kids counts?
Yummy food I make: Dunno ... I tend to cook what we need! LOL
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

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