Wednesday, April 27, 2005

We had a great day yesterday ... we do a "big day out" every holidays, it's our one expensive day - the rest of the holidays we'll go out walking, or to the playground, free shows at the mall etc ... but I give them one "big" day, that I must say they look forward to, and even more so I think, because it is a real treat.

So yesterday we headed off to Porirua (about 30mins drive away) and went to the movies (me and the three youngest to Robots and the two older boys to The Pacifier), then lunch at McDonalds, then the pools - which has a water slide and other water blow up toys/slide things, then to the new mini-golf they had there. We had a few bickering incidents where I was ready to take them all home again, but mostly it was a good day - they were all pretty tired and asleep quick last night!

Today I need to catch up on some soccer work, Rhiannon has a gymnastics class from 10 until 2, need to do grocery shopping, a few loads of laundry ... oh the joys of running a household. I'm working tonight and will take in some soccer stuff that I'm behind in, but hopefully I'll get time to stitch as well.

I'm stitching a RR at the moment, it is a collection of bookmarks and I'm not sure what the fabric is, but it is awful - I think it's supposed to be aida, but I think it's very old, or something - it's taking me a lot longer to stitch what is pretty much a simple pattern than it normally would, I'm really have to watch where I'm putting the needle and having to turn it upside down a lot of the time to make sure the needle is going in the right place at the back ... I'll take a scan when I'm finished - it looks okay, but it's not the most enjoyable thing I've done!

Okay ... can't put it off any longer ... time to do the house stuff ...

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