Sunday, May 01, 2005

Avoiding Laundry

I should be folding about a weeks worth of washing ... which in a family of seven equates to LOTS ... I don't know where this week has gone.

... so instead of folding the washing, I'll blog for a bit instead, I wonder how long I can ramble about nothing?

I got my hair chopped off yesterday ... I've had a fringe (bangs) for years, over the last six months or so I've been growing them out, and my hair has got longer and straglier - yesterday I got it chopped to about the non-bangs length, all sort of about chin level - I have very fine hair, and very little of it ... the idea is to "product" the ends out so it looks a bit funky and has a bit of life ... I'm pretty pleased with it :) albeit, I'm not really a "funky" person LOL

I also shot in a championship yesterday ... and shot badly ... I'm really having trouble getting my head right this season. Hopefully I will do better at the rep match this afternoon. Horowhenua against Wellington ... half my problem is that I DO shoot much better at rep matches, but I need my championship scores to come up because they count towards important team matches, like the North Island team for the North vs South match in a couple of months. I'll make the womans team no problem - but there is no way I will make the Open team at this stage.

I put on weight at my weigh-in at Weight Watchers this week - the first time since I started in January ... only 100g (about .2 of a lb) ... but still a gain. I think it was mostly circumstances - middle of month time when I always do worse, school holidays so more picking at bad food, and less time to exercise ... etc etc ... hopefully this week will be better, I'll be back to walking with Deborah twice a week so that will help. So far (Friday and Saturday) I haven't been so good though!

... and stitching (what this blog is supposed to be about!), I haven't done a whole lot, I finished a Lizzie*Kate's Summer Sampler, and still need to finish the horrible RR I'm doing ... I put it down to do the Lizzie*Kate as a bit of a break, I might work on the RR tonight.

I think that's it ... it is an overcast, miserable sort of looking day ... a good day to be inside.

I suppose I should go do that laundry ...

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