Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mothers Day!

It's Sunday here in New Zealand, so Mother's Day today.

Here's what I received in bed this morning -

My 13yo wants to be a Chef when he grows up, so was quite happy and proud to do a "fancy" breakfast. There were peaches inside the pancakes ... being on WW, he asked what to make me, and I said pancakes and peaches should be fine ... the presentation idea was all his - I'll keep him for a few more years ;)

I'm hoping to have a relaxed day - I want to go for a big bike ride later, and need to go buy my mother a gift and drop in and see her (they live locally). Otherwise I'm hoping to get some stitching in! The next part of The Kiss is coming along nicely, and I'm really enjoying a big piece again.

Soccer started yesterday ... 650 children, and I *think* it went pretty much okay ... as far as I know there were no major stuff-ups from my part of things *phew*. We have changed the Nursery Grade from Sunday mornings to Saturday afternoons ... which makes for a long day, and lots of complaints that always seem to come my way, over the last week or so ... but not to worry - we can't please everyone, and I for one would rather have a very busy Saturday and Sunday off, than two early mornings during the weekend.

Funny (and frustrating!) thing is ... yesterday we had all four older kids playing at the local grounds, while DH and I were both there to share watching/helping/cheering duties ... next week I am away at our big North Island shooting match all day so poor DH has to do it on his own, and wouldn't you know it - they're all at different places ... within a radius of about 50kms... and similar times ... we'll be calling in a few favours this week to get children various rides with friends!

and our sobering, annoying, stressing ... all of those things ... news of the week, is that DH is almost certainly getting made redundant in the next few weeks. He hasn't been happy for a few months (long story, but he took this job after being made redundant at the end of last year) and has been half looking, then a couple of weeks ago, seriously looking for a new job - so he has two definite interviews next week, please, please keep everything crossed that something comes of those two interviews, we are financially stuffed ... too scared to even think of, stuffed, if he loses his job without another one pretty much lined up. He hasn't been there long enough to get any sort of big payout, or to have built up any amount of leave - so I think he'd get about a months pay (notice) and that's about it ... I'm trying very hard not to stress, he has great skills and WILL find another job - it's just the timing that is scary.

and on that happy note -

I hope all you mothers out there have a well deserved break this Mother's Day, and feel very loved :)


Faith Ann said...

Happy Mother's Day to you Lisa!

I wish your DH all the best and hope the interviews go well.

Faith Ann said...

I've tagged you, Lisa! If you have a minute (with your schedule, you might not!) you can see my blog for the list.