Monday, May 02, 2005

Stitching Cruise?

Hmmm ... why do I keep reading that everyone is receiving their Stitching Bits and Bob's orders ... while I, of course me, typical me, obviously ordered the one thing that was hard to get. Apparently The Drawn Thread have gone on a Stitching Cruise and I have to wait until they get back. Which brings me to the question, why put something on sale (this was the spring sale when not everything was 25% off) when it's going to be hard to get an out-of-stock chart in? I'm not really complaining, just moaning, I know now that when I order from SBB that I am probably going to have to wait for something, and will not order anything from there that I need quickly ... the anticipation of waiting will keep me excited for a while :)

On to much better news - I shot 200 yesterday! ~where's the dancing icon when I need it :) ... It's nice to know I can still do it ... just wish I wasn't so up and down at the moment and was more confident everytime I went down. Shot a 198 to go with it, in fact I shot three 100's in a row, which is pretty darn good ... I couldn't hold it together to shoot four, my poor mental state couldn't quite handle it LOL. I was second top score for the day :)

The kids go back to school today - hooray - I can get back into my walking, a friend and I walk 10km, twice a week - I'm figuring it will be hard going today after a couple of weeks break, I have walked in the last couple of weeks but not as far. I've had a bad weekend eating wise and having exercised at all, I'm hoping getting back into it this week will make the scales be sort of nice to me on Friday.

I've joined a challenge at one of my cross-stitching boards for May - I'm really hoping it puts me back on the straight and narrow ... I've been slipping lately.

I think that is it ... time to go make lunches, wake up the littlest, and get this show on the road!

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