Friday, May 27, 2005

A Poll ... What should I stitch?

Okay ... next weekend is my break away, my reward for getting to a weight goal and a much need break from everything ... soccer work, children, DH, life in general ... I plan to sleep, read, stitch, bike, walk and generally do whatever I want when I want ... did I mention it's only SEVEN sleeps until I go!

BUT the most important question ... what stitching should I take with me? Do I want to carry on with the likes of The Kiss and Sleeping Beauty that are started and should really have some done work on them OR take something that has long been kitted like Petal Fairy ... OR something totally indulgent and fun like one of my many Drawn Threads, or kitted Bent Creek Rows, or kitted Elizabeth Designs ... or just pack an enormous box and take them all? LOL

Anyway - here is the poll - I hope it works!

What stitching should I take with me on my break?
Petal Fairy and DT Welcome
DT Welcome and The Kiss
The Kiss, DT Prarie Garden and Bent Creek Rows
Bent Creek Rows, Elizabeth Design and Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty and Petal Fairy
Obligation Kit, Elizabeth Design and Bent Creek Rows


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