Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A couple of Lizzie*Kate Pictures

Friends Make Life a Little Sweeter -

and Friendship Grows -

and I'm nearly finished Peace and Plenty by Little House Needleworks - I should be finishing it tonight, but I might do a quick RR first, then I can send it off with another one tomorrow.

I've got sooooo much I want to stitch right now, wouldn't it be absolute heaven to be able to stitch for hours and hours every day ... one day :)

In other news, I took our 9yo (Cameron) to get his eyes tested today, he used to wear glasses a few years ago, went through a specialist, a couple of years ago the specialist signed him off saying he was okay now - still long-sighted but his eyes were able to manage it without glasses. Over the past few months we've noticed little things, like not being able to read the scoreboard at the cricket, that made us wonder if he wasn't seeing properly. Well, turns out he is very long sighted and has been fitted for glasses, for now only a third of the strong prescription he needs to let his eyes adjust ... he is NOT a happy boy and is still saying he WILL NOT wear glasses ... *sigh* I see some major bribery in our future. The worrying this is that this our little sporting wonder, I hope once he starts wearing them and his eyes relax and adjust that he can still see okay to not wear them while playing soccer.

Only 10 sleeps until I go away for my weekend ... all ALONE ... I can't wait!


Katrina said...

great finishes Lisa, love the tuck pillow.

Faith Ann said...

Wow, you've been busy! Everything looks great!!

Hope you have an awesome alone weekend!